How do you recognize that the shift has happened?
Is there one event, a series of events, or is it the culmination of
rising energies around the world?

Paris, the 11th Saturday of the population rising up – joyfully & in unity – against the extreme fascism of its Deep State government. The French are the Warrior Defenders of LIBERTE!

If you’re paying attention to mainstream media, all you see is compliance with the fascist agenda of jabbing the entire population. And, if you are NOT paying attention to MSM, all you see is global NON-compliance with that agenda. Your comprehension of reality completely depends on how you get your news.

For anyone who is not mind-controlled by the MSM it is

Ridiculously Obvious

that ALL media is the propaganda arm of the corporate conglomeration that controls the Democratic party (and much of the Republicans / Republicans In Name Only = RINO). And that conglomeration is heavily CCP. However, when you study this particular history, you find an influx of Nazis into post WWII China, including in the creation and operation of the lab where this scamdemic originated.

With the public acknowledgment that there was tremendous fraud in the Maricopa County election – enough to overturn the election results, the governor is now calling to decertify the election. In short order, other states will follow suit. Trump has reminded the public that he never conceded the election and so it looks like everything that I had HOPED to happen, is happening. Not in the best possible timing!!!! But… it is happening in its own perfect time.

What is everything that I had hoped for? First and foremost: Cementing of personal liberty. Restoration of US Republic. Release of Cabal grip on Huemanity. Quantum technology & philosophy. Abundance of money, health and unity. End to the Etheric blockade of Earth/reintegration with All That Is.

Fear is the mind-killer, my friends. If you feel it – then you are being manipulated. The energies on Earth are SO HIGH right now if you are open to them and they are TRANSMUTATIVE!!! Ascension-like!


Are you a part of it? Have you prepared yourself? Are you feeling it? Go outside into this magnificent sunshine and BREATHE IN all love, joy and unity that is taking over the world as evil disappears…. Take part in this magnificent ongoing uprising against Tyranny! You will be so glad you did!