These are chaotic times, no matter where you are on the spectrum.

Spent a few days driving, had the chance to process a lot of what’s going on. I filtered through all the nuggets that have passed through my brain in the past few months, and what bubbled to the top was Michael Jackson’s This is It (2009), recorded during rehearsals leading up to a stunning 50 nights in London. MJ passed before the performances began. It’s a very intimate look at MJ – who he was, how he communicated, the depth of his creativity.

This is It is a double-entendre, not only referring to his last performance, but also to the state of the Humanity and Earth. The movie is very much a call to action, an attempt at inspiring people to recognize their sovereignty and rise up into it.

I think MJ would be somewhat pleased at the level of activism around the world at this point in time, and yet it’s not enough. It’s never enough. The evil ones magnify their assault of strangling the world to death with deceitful lies, toxic disinformation and mistruths all mixed in with mega-doses of FEAR. Only those who have unplugged from the System – by choice or by force – have the opportunity to see clearly how dire the situation is.

Europeans continue to be very active in protesting Covid / Fascist Tyranny.

There are many people who teach courses on “Sovereignty” according to different versions of the Constitution. It’s such vastly different mindset from what we grow up with; it’s very difficult to come to the point of accepting that the people we trust to educate us, have been lying to us all along. (A recurring theme.)

I have no idea who’s telling the truth among all of these Sovereignty Mentors – Anna von Reitz, David Straight, Bobby Lawrence. Millions of Americans have already gone through the process of relinquishing their corporate strawman identity, in favor of the living wo/man of the living soil identity.

Law of the Water vs. Law of the Land.

What will it take to get us back to the Magna Carta and Common Law? Not Trump, that’s for certain! And I think we can all agree that Biden’s handlers are taking us in the completely opposite direction, into full-blown Communism.

It’s really amazing how simply the Evil Ones are able to say/write words and people believe those words even when there is, quite blatantly, no honor to back them up. No corresponding actions, no historical integrity – just empty words. I’ve come to realize that words are the most powerful tool, if you’re trying to bait-and-switch a large audience. Words as weapons. Weaponized Words.

I guess, if you communicate with authority and the hint of a threat, and pepper it with vicious criticism of people who think differently, then the sheeple are much, much, much more likely to believe you.

The Media are Masters of Deceit!

There are many people who will never, never, never in a million years be able to arrive at the point of accepting that Covid-19 was all a big psy-op. Not that people didn’t get sick – they certainly did! But it was all perfectly treatable with a few off-label remedies and nutritional common sense. Instead, the pharmaceutical industry had their best profits ever, as did hospitals and funeral parlors.The whole destruction of the economy, and suffering, and division, and loneliness, and loss of opportunity, and push toward the Green New Deal – it’s all a giant step toward Agenda 21/30 where humanity is replaced by transhumanity. Where the very concept of a Sovereign Person will be erased from memory.

The Evil Ones want this world for themselves, and they don’t want us in it.

This Is (Really) It

This is our last stand. Our last opportunity to wake people up to the Fascist machinations that are threatening our existence. Our last chance to say HELL NO.

We choose FREEDOM
We choose LIBERTY
We choose LOVE
We choose God Almighty
We choose UNITY

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