Last week my brother’s home in NYC was robbed by a pack of brazen border-crossers.

Uninhibited in their lawlessness, they almost killed him. Despite the fact that my brother is an honored member of his community – the NYC cops never showed up, because cops have zero power / resources in NY!!!

This horrific experience is the result of the anti-American Biden presidency and the Globalist takeover of America in general.

I read this morning that 100 million+ of people have crossed the border in the past 18 months and I don’t believe that number (Gawd, I HOPE it’s not true!), but the article also stated that 10% of the border-crossers are CIA-military-trained and ready to incite a civil war in our cities. So, say there’s been 1 million border crossers a month (lowball estimate) for 18 months, that’s roughly 18 million people (~1/20th of our total population!!!!!) of which 10% would be 1.8 million military trained young men who HATE everything America stands for – except the freedom to be here, paid in wads of cash with our tax dollars, expressing their hatred of White Americans.

Just for example, say there are 200 American cities that are fully BLUE… which means compromised by the Globalists. 1.8 million divided by 200 means there is an average of 9,000 of these militant America-haters in each one of those cities, ready to incite revolution, ready to cause damage, ready to kill prosperous Americans (not just white!) at the first chance.

We already know that Sanctuary Cities are flooded to the brim with the border crossers. We have plenty of evidence that Biden has been transporting and housing them all over America.

It is time now for Americans to wake up to the reality that WE HAVE BEEN INVADED and it is a war on American lives, American history, American values, and the very concept of FREEDOM itself.

I’ve been covering all aspects of this invasion in this blog, and it is not just the border-crossers. The invasion/assault has many fronts – economic, health, political, education, media, agriculture etc. Unless – and Until – Americans wake up to the reality of this invasion, it will continue …. until America no longer exists.

If you value your life, your property, your children, your parents – if you value the United States of America – then you MUST WAKE UP FROM YOUR STUPOR and take up arms against this invasion! Whether it’s a pen, or a pitchfork, or a taser, or a gun (as is your right) – it’s time to start fighting back!

Thank GOD ALMIGHTY that 12 states have had the balls to return to their sovereign Republic status, and are no longer beholden to this Globalist takeover of America! Texas, California (!), Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and most recently Missouri have all implemented their Republic status. We, in NY, are FUCKED unless we overwhelm the polls in November and kick out the Wicked Witch of the North on her ass by DEMANDING PAPER BALLOTS and turning out to be poll watchers!

There is no more time to coddle the willfully ignorant. It may already be too late!

  • Sanctuary Cities Cry for Help
  • – Official U.S. Government data confirms the risk of developing cancer following Covid-19 vaccination increases by a shocking 143,233%.
  • – 10,000+ Heathrow flights cancelled due to “Staff Shortages” (vax injuries!)
  • – PCR tests laced with poisonous chemical Sodium Azide.
  • – Andrew Wakefield: unvaxxed kids are 10X healthier than vaxxed kids
  • – Nearly 2,000,000 less kids enrolled in public school this year
  • – CDC Dir. Walkensky: “We are responsible for some pretty dramatic, pretty public mistakes” (No mistakes were made, it was willful, intentional misinformation the whole time)
  • – “One of the best things about being a conspiracy theorist is that you don’t end up with myocarditis”
  • – Canada: $1 Million In Covid Fines Tossed Out In Major Legal Victory
  • – The IRS is an agency of the IMF
  • ->>>>>>>>>>>> Watch The S/Election Code !!!
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