I believe we are entering into a new era that is filled with dramatic, chaotic change.

I believe there is a war between Good and Evil raging on our planet, and that every choice we make – every thought we think – every action we take – contributes to the balance in that war.

I believe in a return to PURITY, rejecting all that is false and banal while making higher frequency choices. Eat more fresh local food, replacing junk food. Drink more live water, less everything else. No casual sex. No TV. More exercise. More sun. More community. More laughing and dancing and playing and making music and art. More Love. Less Hate. More respect, less being offended. (I could go on and on….)

The Earth herself is evolving and we must evolve with her to higher realms of consciousness.

On this life journey there are many traps, such as addictions, rash decisions, bad luck, mistakes, and sometimes simply hanging out with the wrong people. It’s our job to learn how to avoid those traps, and one way you can do that is by making more pure choices for yourself. It doesn’t take long, once you’ve turned onto the path toward purity, for the good stuff to start happening. And by that I mean – serendipity, lucid dreaming, telepathy and a whole range of other 5D / beyond 5 senses skills and abilities.

The will to change, in tandem with the action to change, creates a magnetic force that attracts the energy of change.

You create your reality either by allowing other people to program it for you, or taking charge and creating it out of your own imagination, using the Will / Action / Attraction formula. Once you’ve mastered the flow of creating your reality, there is no more depression, anger, frustration, or any of the 7 Deadly Sins. There’s no need for that energy anymore. Instead, there’s inspiration, excitement, meditation/prayer, joy, love, unity for ALL people.

This time of change is especially powerful for those who are on the path to Purity; it amplifies the energies that are at higher frequencies. It’s probably amplifying lower frequency energy too. Truth is: the more you exist in a state of bliss….. the more you are connecting to pure Divine essence.

However you need to prepare yourself for the imminent change – the time is now. No more procrastination. Be Prepared. Forgive easily. Remember to breathe! Pray.

I recommend this excellent talk by Billy Carson: