Once I finally left Wall Street for good, it took a while to process the lesson of the experience, which was – these banks are actively engaged in the economic destruction and takeover of the Third World, and some day they’re gonna turn that warfare on US.

This assault has already begun.

One of the most prominent questions that I’ve been grappling with ever since is, “What is Value?” The US dollar value is dependent on it being used for the trade of oil, but half the world has already stopped using the dollar as they transition to BRICS. The only thing propping $$ up at this point in time is the deceitful, lying, psy-op news media which has actively chosen to NOT TELL THAT STORY…. so the people who still watch MSM continue to sink deeper, and deeper, and deeper into the false reality that they project. (That false reality is designed to enslave every human being as we transition into unfettered Global Communism. I encourage everyone to study the Bolshevik Revolution as an illustration is what is probable if we continue on this course.)

Essentially, the only reason the dollar has any value at all is because of the GDP of the United States of America (which has gone negative under Bidan), however the same economy is $31 trillion in debt…. so truly, dollar in’t even worth the paper it’s printed on.

Bella Donna

There are several countries around the world where a trillion dollar note won’t buy you a loaf of bread. People make origami bags and artwork out of the notes. Then, you have countries where the currency unit is worth $4 or more. Like Kuwait, which has oil.

Questions to consider:

What is the value of your time?

What is the value of your unique experience and skills?

What is the value of your peace of mind?

What is the value of a ripe, organic tomato picked from your garden?

What is the value of your family?

What is the value of life?

To the Central Bankers – none of those things have value at ALL.

Half the world has already transitioned to an asset-backed economy via the anti-Central Banking BRICS system, amidst the catastrophic chaos around the world. There is nothing random or half-hazard about this breakdown of society; you can sense the extremely precise German engineering in it from the triple agents to the clones to the body doubles to the holograms to the false flags to the color revolution to the engineered global famine to their “Mockingbird Mottos” like “…. extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

(We’re a republic, not a democracy, by the way.)

I keep asking myself, Why is it important to have a gold-backed economy with an immutable ledger, if it ends up being the dreaded Great Reset / Social Credit Score system? Is it some kind of sick joke, I wonder… to financially enslave us with gold? Or is it some universal law – that in order to do business with other parts of the universe, you have to conform? Perhaps, this Great Reset is the final takeover of Earth by the AI machines?

If the winner of the economic war is the Cabal, then the conversation about value is moot because in that future, humanity will be dead or enslaved or cyborged.

But – if the Alliance succeeds (has succeeded?) in “capturing the flag” by being in control of the economic flip, then the gold-backed unit and immutable ledger make perfect sense. It might be the re-distribution of wealth that many people believe it will be; a Jubilee which wipes clean all debt and redistributes the wealth of those who were treasonous to the US Constitution (and perhaps even the Magna Carta…). In this case, you and I would be empowered to build the next phase, and the global economic and political structure strips down to the bare essentials, controlled by blockchain technology in which humanity holds the controls via unhackable voting. Transparency, accountability, immutability.

The quantum reality that has been hidden from us will be unveiled, and the very concept of “lack” will become a matter for the history books.

Imagine a world where the concept of Planned Obsolescence was a Cardinal sin!

My journey has taught me to value / appreciate the essentials: clean water, clean food, clean air, shelter, family, nature and most of all God. Everything else is secondary.

Be a Maker. Be a Fixer. Be a Doer. Be a Thinker.

Learn everything you can learn, and be humble about it.

Gratitude is very high up on the list of empowering actions.

Make it your goal to never be offended. Instead, become a beacon of inner strength and peace.

Leave the door open for Divine Intervention. Magnetize yourself to the very idea of infinite freedom, after evil has been unseated, and defeated, and extracted, and exiled.