One of the most vital – and most difficult – steps in the process of becoming quantum is letting go of the ego.

We belong to a society that glorifies the ego and all it’s trappings – bravado, judgment, competition, criticism and materialism. It’s in our face in all the media we consume on a daily basis, including movies, magazines, tv, games and social media, and it’s very hard to escape.

However, once you *do* exit the indoctrination system, life is so much easier! Once you tap in to your quantum energy, you’ll kick yourself – HARD – for not having made the leap of faith before.

In the indoctrination system, it’s all about *ME* and we’re on our own, forced to make our way in the world with blinders on. It can be very negative. If you’re lucky you’ll get help from your family, if not you need to go out in search of your *other* family to get help. Women are second class, kids have no rights and men are caught in an eternal trap of competition.

In Quantum Reality, it’s all about *WE* and we work in harmony to create the most beautiful future. We don’t judge, we don’t insult, we don’t criticize; instead we help each other and teach each other and inspire each other to become more happy and more productive. We share, we listen, and we play. There is equality and respect for everyone – young and old, male and female, black brown & white. The ego is a forgotten memory, and there is no need for it, and no place for it.

When I have the fortune to hang out with Quantum people,
I am at my happiest and I am at my most inspired.

The next time you find yourself reacting out of ego, step back and take a look at the situation, and consider how you might act differently. Most likely you’ll find that if it’s a difficult situation, it could be resolved much easier without ego.