Morning dream. May 20, 2017

In the back yard, where in the waking world I have grown to believe there is an underground cavern, I was  looking for mushrooms, and found a crack in the rock and saw that I could get in it quite easily. Although it looked like a natural fission from above ground, the minute I began descending, I saw that it became carved, and it quickly turned into a staircase with etchings and paintings of sacred geometry.

Not far under ground was a room, which felt like a hang-out room. There were a few comfortable couches, and actual windows… which were completely undetectable from outside, so it felt as though you were in a small living room. It was a room In Use; people had been there recently. I picked up various items and held them, trying to gauge the energy. I felt very comfortable there, and it felt like an unbelievable discovery. I couldn’t believe it was in my own back yard!

Every week I would go, and I could tell that people had been there because things came and went, were moved around, and sometimes it was a bit dirty. When it was, I cleaned it up, and sometimes brought flowers.

How could people be in this room?? How did they get there without detection??? I knew that they knew that I had discovered their spot, and it was not a problem. There was no fear, no warning.

In the dream, the yard above the room morphed into a kind of a tiled area for growing grapes and wisteria, with columns and benches, and the windows that gave light to the room were built into the floor tiles. Very Greek or Italian in design, it was a shaded place to go and enjoy nature, and the entrance to the cavern was discreetly behind the columns.

One day, within a few months of discovering it, I went and the room was filled with people. Some were wearing masks and hats, but everyone was partying like it was 1999, and my entrance went almost unnoticed. People were sitting on the steps chatting and drinking. How could this party be going on and you had no idea just a few feet away???? It was baffling.

I walked through and soon people began to hug me, and guided me through a labyrinth of rooms that I hadn’t had access to before. Wherever I went, people seemed to know me, and greeted me. I didn’t see anyone that I knew, but somehow I did feel that I KNEW these people.

I was expected to do something to become a part of this society. I remember a cavern with a pool and gemstone light. I was guided to a kind of throne sort of place where there was an elder who gave me a task. I had to go out into the world and accomplish something for the benefit of humanity, but in secret, with a few other people.

It wasn’t an easy task, it required stealth, endurance, creativity, strength. During the journey I found out that the network of tunnels was absolutely vast, covering thousands of miles, and there were quantum ways to get from one place to another. Even though I traveled for a very long time, I found myself coming out of a secret tunnel right up the road from my house, in front of a farm house in the dead of night. I think my job was to place something in the field, to be found by the farmer, who would HAVE to question the object, and the question would create an awakening. The job of getting to the field without detection was the real trial.

I was profoundly aware that this was a quantum society, fully aware and in control of quantum energy.

Everyone was always in a good mood, because there was no sense of LACK…. in a quantum society, everything is provided, instantly. There was somewhat of a John Galt feeling about it, and yet the overriding principal was using the blessing of being a part of this society to create positive change in humanity. Small changes, Made in the dead of night, to help humanity awaken.

After I had accomplished my task, I was welcomed as a full member of the society and it was made known that the room was put there specifically for me to discover, and that I had passed many tests very quickly. There was a ceremony to induct me and I had never felt so happy, welcomed, or En Famile in my life.

After the ceremony, people who had been wearing masks and hats took them off, and they were all people I knew…. all of my most valued friends.