There is a particular reality that I have been aware of, and putting my energy toward, for over 20 years.

In stepping out of the dystopian economy and extricating myself from the Cancer of Consumer Culture decades ago, I have had time, and perhaps more importantly mindspace to research what else is possible. If I ONLY researched Nikola Tesla, that would have been enough to open my awareness to the extraordinary possibilities of the quantum universe – but, I also researched Schauberger, and Reich, and Rife, and Steiner and so many others who painted a very different picture from what was being force-fed to us through mainstream media (the real virus!).

Not only is a Quantum Reality, in which there is no illness, no poverty, no sense of lack whatsoever POSSIBLE, but it already exists in a separate society deep underground. In this Society, you can get from NY to Beijing in a flash, heal yourself from anything in a MedBed, order the meal of your dreams (or a new outfit) from a replicator, and so much more. Quantum tech already exists, and has existed for many decades, and the fact that it has been kept from us should spark a wee bit of outrage in your consciousness.

In Quantum Reality, there is NO LACK.

The Fake 3D Reality is created and perpetuated by
censorship and the “programming” of society through media.

It’s now time to take a look back through movies and books to gain a new perspective. From Star Wars, to Star Trek, to Terminator, to 1984, to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, to Soylent Green, to The Matrix, to Harry Potter, to Stargate SG-1…. these works are not fiction – they are blueprints, educating us on what is really happening in that alternative reality; and educating us on the evil plans are for you and me.

Truth: Hueman and Earth History is EXTRAORDINARILY DIFFERENT from what we are taught in school!!!!

Truth: the evil ones are already force-feeding us dead people, not only in vaccines, but in our food. Every time you see the ingredient “Natural Flavoring” that’s dead people. Every time you eat a McDonald’s hamburger, you’re eating dead people. Soylent Green has been a reality for DECADES. So when I see the hundreds of food processing plants that have mysteriously blown up this past year – it is my greatest hope that this is an action by the Alliance to bring a halt to this heinous practice.

The general population is about to get a forced education on what I have been studying these past few decades. I pray to God Above that not too many people go crazy when they are forced to acknowledge the ridiculous level of EVIL that exists in those we have been encouraged to admire, and adore, and emulate; the “respected citizens” of our towns who are high level FreeMasons – judges, politicians, celebrities, corporate leaders, influencers.

Some celebrities have come clean about their forced involvement in the Culture of Evil – perhaps most notably Brittany Spears (my heart goes out to her). Recently Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera made a chilling video about their enslaved lives.

I highly recommend read the Baron Trump Collection by Ingersol Lockwood. (Yes, Time Travel is a reality in the non-censored, quantum universe.)

It does seem that Evil has been mortally wounded, and is currently in its death throes. Of course, those death throes can be lethal and so vigilance is still required! But, from where I sit, the future is blindingly bright for those of us who are simply victims of Evil. Not so bright for the Evil Ones, however.

Buckle up, Buttercup. The Shit is about to get VERY REAL but just remember- the ending is GLORIOUS BEYOND IMAGINATION!!!

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