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The Trojan Horse Will Be Defeated

The Trojan Horse Will Be Defeated

This one document – which can be considered as the Khazarian Manifesto – is behind all World Wars, all 3 letter agencies (including WEF, IMF, BIS, CIA, FBI etc etc etc), investment banks, pharmaceutical firms, suppression of free energy, and is the genesis of Agenda 21/30/Green New Deal/6uild 6ack 6etter and the destruction of the […]

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

(Replace the all references to England, King, Britain with Globalists; all references to military to that of WEF, WHO, etc and the speech works perfectly once again as we battle the relentless tyranny of those who desire our enslavement and/or death.) St. John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia MARCH 23, 1775 MR. PRESIDENT: No man thinks more […]

What is Freedom?

I have just listened to one of the most erudite, gracious, eloquent lectures on the subject of Freedom that I have ever encountered and the takeaway is so profound that I am compelled to share and to document it here. In this lecture, Dr. Stanley Monteith explores some of the deepest secrets of the secret […]