When I was a teenager my grandmother, who was one of my most powerful mentors, made sure I comprehended the fact that the most serious future threat to freedom was CHINA and that it was very important to figure out the problem, and prevent the US from becoming a Communism country.

Well, my life experience since that time has illustrated a bit of a different picture. From my perspective, the problem is a Globalist, Elitist, Satanic cult – of which the dogma has been funneled THROUGH China, so that it SEEMS like China is the problem but in fact it is much more complex and global.

(Note: There is a very strong connection between Nazi Germany and China – specifically Wuhan – and ultimately it is the Nazis via Operation Paperclip that we all need to be aware of, and paying attention to. Did we actually win WWII??????)

To whit: For decades, the people of the United States sat idly by while our s/elected Globalist government dismantled our superpowers, one by one. They exported industry, they exported tech, automobile manufacturing, food production, pharmacological production etc so that right now, today, we are literally sitting on the ground with no infrastructure left to call our own.

This is exactly what the MSM / Mockingbird Media has been pelting down upon the soggy Liberal brains, who consume it like sugar and aborted fetal cells: “You will own nothing and you will be happy!” (That’s a GOOD thing because CLIMATE CHANGE!”) (facepalm) (Go drown in the Lakes of Hell, Klaus Schwab – if you haven’t already!)

What the Cabal did not count on is the resilient ingenuity, and the LOVE OF FREEDOM that is the birthright of all Americans.

Almost 50 years ago, the US completely de-pegged from gold and created the Fiat Petro Dollar, which has been great for Americans in many ways, while at the same time being absolutely horrendous for the rest of the world. Fiat currency, in the history of the world usually has about a 30 year lifespan, so the Cabal was able to keep it going longer than expected.

At this moment, the fiat US Dollar is in free-fall, while a coordinated effort of strong countries around the world (called BRICS) have been switching to asset-backed currencies over the course of the last 6 months.

Why is this happening? you might ask. Isn’t America the world’s superpower?

Well, it used to be. In the name of its citizens, the Cabal via the United States has been raping and pillaging the world since WWII and has made a LOT of enemies. Those enemies began forming an alliance, and in order to avoid WWIII came up with a plan to dismantle the Cabal.

While I was working at Goldman Sachs in the early 1990s, I witnessed the economic destruction of Central and South American countries on a level that was truly unbelievable. When I later read John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man I realized that I had contributed to some of the worst atrocities in the history of humanity.

While they destroyed Central and South America, the Cabal/ Illuminati / Deep State was at the same time infiltrating not only American government and finance, but the corporate world, the university system, the public school system, healthcare, NGOs, the food system, and just about every aspect of our lives so that it’s almost impossible to escape. Every one of those pillars of society will have to burn, and be rebuilt from scratch. This is true in Europe and Canada as well as the US. All corruption around the world has to go!

Build Back Better and the Green New Deal
are quintessential Cabal programs.

Meanwhile, the evil ones have been hoarding all the free-energy quantum tech that has been available for the past hundred years, and have built an INCREDIBLE society deep underground in a massive tunnel network. While they shame us for suffocating on the petroleum fuels that they rigged our society on, their underground society runs on Tesla Free energy, or hydrogen, or cold fusion, or any number of over-unity alternatives.

The Cabal is global, but the US has been its golden nugget. Somewhat psychopathically, they have used liberalism to brainwash people into following their agenda. We’re currently experiencing the new generation of “Good Germans” who don’t question the jabs, don’t question the economy, don’t question the media, don’t question an obviously delusional s/elected president, don’t question the food they eat, don’t question the rapid rise of transgenderism, don’t question the obvious massive pedophile empire, don’t question ANYTHING at all. They simply accept and follow – and it is not just difficult to witness, but downright sickening.

Thank GOD there are smart, courageous and ingenious people in the US who recognized the problem and implemented a solution soon after the death of JFK. As a military and exo-military exercise, the White Hat Army is and has been taking down all of the Satanic elements around the world, one by one. Soon, the greater public will learn of the extraordinary evil that has run this world longer than we can fathom.

It’s interesting to note that every president who was either assassinated, or survived an assassination attempt, had tried to re-peg the US currency to gold….

– electricmeg

This covert war is coming to its final conclusion and I’m looking forward to witnessing the Cabal being destroyed, once and for all time.

  • – At this moment, up to 20 million Americans are at risk of being evicted from their homes.
  • – Fuel and food are either skyrocketing or unavailable.
  • – The stock market is expected to crash far worse than 1929.
  • – The Russian Ruble has more buying power today than at any point in the past 40 years – DESPITE Western sanctions!
  • – More and more strong countries are applying to BRICS; it will soon cover 60% of humanity, leaving North America and Europe (Globalist strongholds) left out of international trade.

The takedown of the Cabal is not easy, nor quick, nor clean. It is a long-term plan with countless moving parts, in reaction to the Cabal’s moves for world domination. The implications, once we have arrived in the new Earth, is that no one country will dominate – instead, the currencies of every country on earth will be asset backed, and at parity (1:1). Nefarious Cabal organizations such as the UN, WEF etc will be gone.

The Alternative to the takedown of the Cabal
is a fate worse than death.

There’s an urban myth that there’s a a one-time debt jubilee to dismantle the final mechanisms of the Cabal financial system, and then we will all have new, transparent, asset-backed digital currencies. There will be blockchain (immutable) voting and the concept of decentralization will be the de facto rule of law. All nefarious banking practices will cease (derivatives, naked short selling etc). Every country will have access to Capital Markets with their own currency.

Another urban legend is of a massive hoard of gold (trillions of dollars), that was always intended to empower humanity. It was stolen several times by the Bush/Cheney pirates, but has been returned and will be distributed in the form of monthly payments, to make sure that every human is provided for, as a way to elevate us very fast to the changing situation on Earth.

I live a simple life in meditation, Divine connection, praying for this best possible outcome of this financial and societal transformation, so that we can FINALLY move out of the shadows of trauma culture, depravity, and the 7 Deadly Sins – into a world filled with love, inspiration, creativity, and infinite opportunity.

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