Meg at Dougs Wedding

My ties to the 3rd Dimension are being released, one by one.
Clarity of my spirit shines stronger.
Death and rebirth, always shedding and renewing.
Chiseling the core of my Highest Self.

The Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell) is one of the most important concepts for people to digest. Every one of us, ultimately, is Luke Skywalker, Neo, the Avatar… every one of us has the capability to be as awesome AS WE CAN IMAGINE. The opposite of the Hero in the digital/false/transhuman space (Meta) is a digital avatar that only REPRESENTS you. That avatar is not a hero, because your physical body is not primary. What would be happening to your human body while your avatar lives a digital life, well – you’ll be a traumatized battery, just like in the Matrix.

Everyone must learn how to overcome – and then Master – Life’s Roadblocks which are not obstacles, but lessons!

The genius is the one who always finds a way.

After suffering deeply in samsara for most of my life, I was guided to live deep in the woods of the Catskills where the pure, wild water comes to the surface from deep underground. This water reached out and captivated me, allowing me to witness many of its secrets. It healed me, it educated me, it inspired me and it revealed to me my path.

Because of my experience with water, more often than not I’m informed by the consciousness of different aspects of the Divine. The Language of Water taught me that water has consciousness, and that led to discovering the consciousness of the Sun, the consciousness of storms, and recently I have learned of the consciousness of electricity itself. All together, the sum of these consciousnesses I call the Ether but has any number of names – qi, chi, the Field, Akashic records, Prana, etc etc etc. I believe the Ether is not Divinity itself, but Communication and Creation of the Divine.

This Greater field, and all its subfields, is Consciousness.

Neversink at Dusk 2021

Humanity has been intentionally disconnected from Ether. It’s up to each one of us to re-discover it, access it, activate it, and then use it to the full potential – THAT is the Hero’s Journey! THAT is Neo/Luke/Avatar. (I am my own personal heroine at the moment.)

Once we have connected with the greater consciousness of the Ether, vastly more amounts of information are available to us – 5D skills such as telekenesis, remote viewing, telepathy etc etc. But also, downloads of information. If I had acted on every download I got (usually while walking), I would have about 50 thriving businesses by now.

The language of the Ether is frequency/vibration.

Learning how to elevate your frequency/vibration is the key to being able to successfully activate your Consciousness, or your connection with Ether. There is a formula – mostly a re-education on how to live – which involves transforming people’s lives from the 7 Deadly Sins, to the 7 Virtues

Another graphic that takes this concept to a whole different level is this one which approaches it from an emotional and mind-state perspective:

Ways we keep our frequency high is by drinking a lot of clean, pure, living water, spending time in nature, spending time in the sun, and near water – by eating as much raw, organic food as possible, and eating less food in general… by listening to music and dancing, playing and creating, and doing favors for people. By making the world a better place. By calming our mind, and transmuting anger to love. By gratitude, and generosity.

But it’s also necessary to choose to NOT engage in the lower-frequency actions, and this often requires a grandiose life change. Maybe you have to move, or get new friends, or find a new grocer. Maybe you have to wean yourself off pharmaceuticals or addictions. This is a process, it’s a journey and in my case, it was several decades long.

The more fully you integrate your consciousness with the Ether – the more opportunities you have, the more insight you have, the more serendipity you have, the more luck you have, the more connection you have.

Ergo, the more of a superhero you become to yourself and your loved ones!

Electricmeg is a Multimedia Artist who uses her talents to increase Divine Consciousness and create community among like-minded people who desire to create a better world. You can purchase her original music here, and when you buy it, you OWN it! No renting. Purchasing her original music or artwork is the best possible way to support her work.