This is truly one of the most profound lectures I’ve ever heard. I’m now listening to it for the 3rd time because it is so thick with information that describes this moment, and the time leading up to it, perfectly. (In fact, it is one small part of a much longer lecture given over the course of several days.)

The overarching theme is that we are able to protect ourselves from the Satanic agenda (including in recognizing it) by Embodying the Christ Impulse as much as possible, while recognizing and disentangling from the tendrils of Evil. From my perspective this in no way implies that one must be a part of an organized religion, in fact most religions are Satanic. It is the journey of connecting with your own highest self through learning to trust and follow your inner guidance that leads to Divine Connection, and this is the very purpose of our lives.

I’m a bit blown away after having listened to more of the lecture. What Dr. Steiner is saying to do, is exactly what I have done with my life as described in the previous paragraph. Once I realized how deep the evil went during my stint on Wall Street, I pretty much disconnected from society. That allowed me to spend my time searching for Truth, which I found in alternative economies, connection with Nature, Water, and healing from trauma over and extended period of time. I do try very hard to embody the Christ Impulse as I venture back out into society more and more (for a long time I simply avoided people).

The Ahrimanic Deception (1919)

November, 1919

Worldly science alone leads to illusion and the gospels alone lead to hallucination.

– Rudolph Steiner

He states that we will only find a middle way when we develop a spiritually informed approach to what we agree is reality. Truth: Anyone can argue any point to a logical conclusion; ergo, until we begin to use our HEART to discern truth, we are trapped in a contrived world. (And of course, that requires that our heart is connected to the Divine.)

Theosophy is Spiritual Science necessary to comprehend the events of this time.

Spiritualism vs. Materialism

Intellectualism vs. Spirituality (<- very important; intellectualism and rational mind are Ahrimanic deceits)

Ahriman is the polar opposite of the Christ Impulse

The talk is taken from Problems of Society: An Esoteric View: From Luciferic Past to Ahrimanic Future CW 193, 10 lectures by Rudolf Steiner held in Zurich, Bern, Heidenheim and Berlin between 4 February and 4 November 1919. Translated by Matthew Barton.

Note: Are Ahriman and Satan Enlil and Enki???

I’ve recently heard that the black cubes that have been placed all around the world (including Mecca and Astor Place in NYC) are in preparation for this impending arrival or embodiment.

Food for thought.