Gratitude is a formula / recipe / tool / portal / mentor / key / universal answer / entrance to Bliss

At one point, probably around the time I became a mother, I fully realized that we each have the power to be either positive or negative in our lives. I had been a very reactionary person up to that time and it was an uncomfortable, friction-filled existence in which my energy was against the energy of what I interpreted as progress. Although I couldn’t see how, I accepted responsibility for figuring out how to become more in tune, or what I came to comprehend as being in Flow with Universal Energy / Divine Consciousness.

I first began to simply incorporate gratitude into my meditations and prayers. Then, I began to intentionally replace frustration with gratitude, and this simple life-hack was how my connection with BLISS exploded (ergo my last band, The Bliss Ensemble), eventually enabling a few 5th Dimensional skills including Manifestation, Telepathy, Heart Discernment and Peace.

Gratitude enabled my Divine Connection.

I take the opportunity to connect with Water whenever possible – especially wild, uncontrolled water – and I send my prayers to the Divine Creator using water’s fully-activated consciousness. Always, using the Ho’oponono Prayer : Water – Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank You. I love you. This is one of the most powerful actions we can take to bring about a better world and the more people who do this, the faster we arrive at the Most Beautiful Future for All.

The fact that I’ve arrived at a new home where my backyard is a vast inland sea of fresh water is not lost on me; it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be! I exist now in an elevated, entranced state of gratitude for this remarkable twist of fate and my dreams and goals have exploded.

The journey to Gratitude is integral to the journey toward Divine Connection.

There are many paths to take! But there is only one goal….

I pray that you have found your own path.