In Europe, cars that run on salt water have been on the road for several years now. This Quant has a 200-litre water tank provides a range of 373 miles….
I would prefer THIS car to a Tesla, every day of the week!

Boy, has this administration pushed Electric Vehicles HARD as a part of their 6uild 6ack 6etter Agenda…. their final hope for implementing Agenda 21/30. Truth is, our ancient electrical grid cannot cope with any more strain and so people who already own EVs are finding that they aren’t able to charge them. This problem is massively exacerbated with our current energy crisis. So I ask you, What good is a car you can’t drive?

Let’s explore a few avenues of thought surrounding this push away from those life-destroying “fossil” fuels. First of all – is it true that we’re in a disastrous state of climate change? Remember… for the past 100 years, since Nikola Tesla, The Powers That Be (TPTB) have had access to weather modification, so the extraordinary typhoons and hurricanes and tornadoes and rainstorms (and earthquakes!) are ALL manipulated events. This is a prime example of how purely evil these monsters are.

Here is a list of predictions of how our world was supposed to change because of Global Warming (that was the name of my first band!) which has turned out to be completely fabricated:

One really interesting factoid is that farmers actually implement technology to INCREASE Carbon Dioxide as it has an extremely beneficial effect on their crop yields. We are, after all, carbon-based life form. So is it really true that WE need to de-carbon? Or, is there an ulterior motive – say, for the rise of AI, which is indifferent to carbon?

Another inconvenient truth is that EV’s are only greener than “fossil” fuel cars after 50,000 miles.

Yet ANOTHER inconvenient truth is that SEVERAL different people have reverse-engineered Telsa tech and released etheric energy generators – Gerard Morin I believe was the first, and a young gentleman from one of the southern countries in Africa was featured in Foster Gamble’s movie Thrive II with his magnificent radio-wave invention which was able to power up to 150,000 homes. This is the tip of the iceberg regarding the advent of zero-point, free energy in which the use of batteries is obsolete.

Charging EVs is an interesting study. An official from the Department of Transportation is on record as stating that 95% of all charging stations are powered by gas or coal, so … I’m scratching my head here. What, exactly, is the benefit?

If you’re actually able to find a charging station that delivers energy, here is the cost analysis:

Not to mention, these batteries are so incredibly toxic that we are not allowed to dispose of them in this country – we must export them to countries that do not have our environmental standards! AND, the rare earth is mined by enslaved children, AND very often people have to buy new batteries to the cost of $20k or more, AND when you’re driving your car you’re being bombarded by very toxic EMFs.

Then, of course, there’s Stan Meyer who invented Water Fuel Technology, that allows cars to run all different kinds of water with a $1,500 conversion kit. Yeah…. he was suicided. But his technology is still available. In fact an inventor who reverse engineered his work was recently killed in a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY. (How ironic….)

Why aren’t we demanding any or all of these alternatives?
Why is our collective mind stuck in the anti-human, infinite loop of absolute folly?
We HAVE all the answers, but we must DEMAND THEM!!!

Educate thyself, human. Turn off the idiot box, throw out the trash media, and remember how to THINK.

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