I spent the day at my favorite lake today.

It was the totality of my summer vacation.

For a long while I was the only person there, and I had the most extraordinary opportunity to indulge in the silence; the pristine, glorious one-ness, the solitude with Nature as I floated and swam in the water. Not a cloud or chemtrail in the sky, only the birdsong to keep me company.

I prayed hard. I prayed for peace, I prayed for balance, I prayed for the end of Evil. I prayed for a breakthrough of righteousness over fraud. I prayed for huemanity and all life on Earth. I prayed for my aunts, who are ill. I prayed for my son, who is about to embark on his adult adventure. I prayed a diamond-golden protective sheathe around Earth to protect us all from the evil entities that seek to do us the most grievous harm.

I always start my prayers with this mantra:

I recognize and acknowledge the Holy Ghost (ether, qi, prana, quantum reality)
I am One with All That Is
I Draw to me the Infinite Blessings of the Divine Creator

– electricmeg

Both water and sunlight are powerful amplifiers of prayer.

It’s so difficult to know what’s real in this chaotic time. It’s difficult to find truth. It’s only by experiencing something, that we know it’s real – and that’s why it’s so very important for people to be out in the world, experiencing what’s going on… and it IS going on, in places like the Netherlands, and Germany, and Sri Lanka, and Iraq, and South Africa and all the places where people are out in the street fighting for freedom from tyranny.

(I always find the similarity of the words Tyranny & Tranny ironic….)

After about 45 minutes, the first people showed up and used their mechanical air compressor to blow up whatever they were blowing up; there was no more birdsong after that. Then the next people showed up and blared their radio, and then the next people showed up and the kids were shrieking and the dogs were barking. The peace was replaced by the jubilance of people who don’t begin to comprehend the value of silence.

I was so, so, so grateful for that opportunity to send up my prayers to the Divine Creator.

For there is nothing more real to me, than the power of prayer.

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