These Little Ones Stew Peters

I am watching the premiere of a very important documentary. I have known about Child Trafficking for a very long time, but to see it… OMG. The evil is monstrous by all measures and the people who are involved are literal representations of the Devil.

They rip children out of the hands of loving parents for no reason at all. Hospitals, CPS, police departments, schools and the judicial system are all involved. Every child is worth $1 million – for rape, for drugging, for torture, for organ harvesting, and for adrenochrome.

8 million children go missing every year. Child Sacrifice to the god Moloch by the Israelites goes back continuously for thousands of years. Abortion is a form of Child Sacrifice.

1984 – in a shipping container, 16,500 aborted babies were found. December 2020 – 2,411 fetal remains in the possession of an abortion doctor. Why? Each one can yield thousands of dollars when sold to different institutions. Fetal brains from this find – worth $35 million.

Warrior Brides – helps survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) which is a much bigger problem than most people realize. 14 of every 250 homes participate in SRA. A literal army of Satanists. There is an intentional plan to break children. Deuteronomy – children being passed through fire to Moloch. Stories from all around the world, from children, similar stories – cannot be made up.

In Australia, Theresa was left in the care of her grandmother. From the age of 2, she was forced to take part in SRA. All sacrifices were made to Lucifer. Grand climax – every four years. Major rituals happen 4X/year and the majority of kidnapping happens 1 week before these events. Teresa saw many killings. Every coven takes part in these events, and there are countless covens. She was pregnant 7 or 8 times, babies were taken at birth or before, and killed in front of her. Then they would eat it. (The entire interview with Teresa is available online, I have watched it several times. Unfortunately, she committed suicide a few years ago.)

They would seal kids in coffins filled with snakes and spiders – whatever their fears are. Brutal torture of children to within an inch of their life.

They breed babies specifically for these rituals – all undocumented. This is on top of the kids they take from the foster care system. (Research John of God – Oprah’s “guru”)

“Majority of government is involved and covering it up.”

Comet Ping Pong / Pizzagate – Alefantis, Podesta (deserves it’s own documentary).

The Occult now engages in public rituals. The entire world is pulled in, and everyone is a part – whether they realize, and agree, or not.

Isaac Kappy – Unseal Epstein. Was Epstein Island a Mossad honeytrap? They’ve been covering this up longer than we can imagine. Kappy was Suicided.

Seth Green, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg…. pedophiles.

Hillary Clinton – Satanic child rapist pedophile trafficker.

Anyone who tries to bring this to public awareness is “suicided.”

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