I had an extraordinary experience yesterday that solidified and proved my decades of research. I share it here in the hopes that it will help inspire people to do what it takes to enter into the realm of Consciousness and become a part of this elevated sphere of existence.

In the past 2 weeks, two dear and valued friends passed (separate instances, not jab related). These men, who were a part of a greater circle of consciousness in my community, were so incredibly generous and were the primary people that I engaged in a constant stream of “pay it forward” with.

Yesterday, I took my normal 3 mile walk and decided to sit by a local spring to pray. This was my prayer:

Water and Sun, I honor your Consciousness.
Please hold Marc and Danny in your Love
and make sure they get where they need to go.
If possible please send me a sign that you have heard my prayer.

One minute later as I was climbing back up to the road, a truck stopped, and the gentleman asked if I was okay. This began a conversation that lasted over an hour. I could feel the playful presence of both Marc and Danny as I realized this man is committed to water just as much as I am, is a musician, is socio-politically aligned, etc etc etc. Literally, it was a chance meeting that was ordained by God!

In fact, I had admired his house for the past 14 years, as it is built right at the edge of a waterfall and has always wanted to meet the person who built the house.

So, I no longer have any doubts that we can connect with the consciousness of water, the sun, the earth and ALL life in order to achieve the greatest, most profound changes imaginable.

If you need help on your journey, I offer to act as your guide. Please CONTACT me for more info.