Even Millennials must recognize the term Ministry of Truth and acknowledge what it stands for (even if they never read George Orwell’s 1984) since it was rehashed so eloquently in the Harry Potter series.

(Please note I don’t blame Millennials for their lack of knowledge and interest about history, I blame the mis-education system.)

What Millennials might not know, however, is that there was one particular country that implemented their very own Ministry of Truth just a couple generations ago – and that was Nazi Germany.

Now that Biden has implemented such an Orwellian, Dystopian, Tyrannical, anti-freedom department under the DHS to silence dissent, there is no more Plausible Deniability for anyone – no matter what their political leaning – to ignore what is happening in this country and by extension, the world. At the very same time, the Chinese Social Credit System, via Digital ID passes, are being implemented in Italy, France, Oregon and elsewhere as the Cabal attempts to silence, control and eradicate us Muggles once and for all time.

In the Harry Potter series, Valdemort represents the Devil (Lucifer, Satan, Baal, Moloch, Baphomet, the Pied Piper, the Green Man etc etc etc) who seeks dominion over the entire realm. In our reality the Devil (who is very real) is served by his minions (aka Death Eaters) who most visibly are Globalist (mostly Democratic / Liberal) politicians, Celebrities and Corporate Leaders.

The Death Eaters are literally cannibalistic pedophiles. I realize this sounds completely unbelievable, however there is copious amounts of documentation collected over hundreds of years, and tremendous amounts of personal testimonial over the past 40 years.

Death Eaters believe that they are more important than us (they call us Useless Eaters) and that we are only here to serve them in whatever capacity they find necessary at the moment. Sex, Food and Slave labor, essentially. Children are most prized for their tender flesh, small orifices and adrenochrome (a powerful Fountain of Youth drug, harvested from the adrenal glands of tortured and dying children).

I write of these horrors almost flippantly because I’ve been studying it for the past decade and I no longer know how to engage with this issue in a gentle way; there is too much water under the bridge. I would not be able to survive if I were to allow the horror of child sex trafficking to affect my day-to-day reality; one MUST disassociate.

Truth is, at last count (10 years ago) 8 million children go missing EVERY YEAR and the vast majority are never seen again… and yet, any time I try to instill awareness during conversation, people are unable to process this information. They cannot believe it. They choose to ignore it. “Well it hasn’t happened to me, so….”

Some children are snatched from their homes, but most are taken out of the orphanage system, and many are undocumented being born on baby farms (as in Oprah’s guru, John of God, who singlehandedly fathered and sold thousands of children with his sex slaves). An excellent point of departure, if you care to do your own digging, is Why Johnny Can’t Come Home, by Noreen Gosch, about her son Johnny who was the very first missing child to be advertised on a milk carton back in the day.

As I have recently learned, many of those missing children are served to us in our Big Macs, Breakfast Sausage and Frozen Lasagne. Soylent Green is real – yet another horrific science fiction reference that found its way into our reality. I wonder how people are going to react when they are forced to confront this reality that has been with us since McDonald’s opened its first doors.

Biden is one of the top Death Eaters, as are the Obamas, the Clintons and the Bushes. The only president since Kennedy who is NOT a Death Eater, is Trump. The Death Eaters have used the Orwellian Doublespeak Dialectic (speaking in opposites, ie, The Ministry of Truth is in fact the Ministry of Propaganda) to convince most Americans that Trump is an evil fascist dictator, when in fact that is exactly what they are guilty of themselves! The ironies and hypocrisies are mind-bending, and they are literally out of the playbook of the Masonic Order (which is the calvary for the Globalist Agenda).

It won’t just be the higher-ups who are served justice, however. Every person who has given energy to the Satanic agenda will be brought to justice, one way or another.

I have gradually lost patience with the people in my life (most of whom are very intelligent) who refuse to look beyond the 4 corners of their television screen or glossy magazines and question the pure propaganda that is presented by mass media. (It is after all called an Idiot Box, but I like referring to it as the Tel-Lie-Vision.) At the same time I am fully aware of the incredible power that FEAR plays in subduing a population, as it was perfected as a Psychological Operation (PsyOp) in Nazi Germany.

If we don’t change course, America will descend into a form of Fascism that exceeds our worst nightmares, and those of us who are awake to this horrific reality are trying EVERYTHING we can to wake up the sleeping masses. I wish there was a way to delete Mainstream News, ending the spell that has been cast upon those who still sleep in the Matrix.

The good news is that in the end, Voldemort dies and the Death Eaters disappear. Perhaps, as in the Harry Potter series, it will be the children who vanquish Evil. I hope and pray that it happens, and SOON.

What I know for sure is that GOD wins! It’s not an if, but a when.

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