But first – a moment of Serenity –

It’s not by accident that I landed in Liberty NY, back in 2008; there ARE no accidents.

I decided to OWN the name Liberty, and so I produced a few Liberty festivals, premiered a composition called the Liberty Trifecta of Peace, Love and Joy, and got involved a wee bit in the art scene (before realizing that the corruption of art is equal/integral to all other forms of corruption).

What I found in that experience is that someone else had already locked up the ownership of the very concept of Liberty; one of the “silent billionaires” of the Cabal. Ergo, I was met with closed doors many times when I attempted to “help elevate the town.”

Really? One can “own” Liberty?
Well, yes Alice, in fact one CAN own a word, a name, a town, another human.

If you LET them.

You see, so much in our society is about how we freely GIVE AWAY our freedoms, just because someone asks in a way that doesn’t sound threatening. “You haven’t eaten that hamburger yet? Let me take it off your hands.” “Here, take this jab, it’s good for you!” (and you can ignore the facts that we don’t list the ingredients, our own research informed us from the very beginning that it’s way more dangerous than the virus it’s supposed to protect, AND you can’t sue us when you get Bell’s Palsy or die!)

I began to research the term, Liberty, which as I see it is the the freedom to live on one’s own terms, express oneself without retribution, while doing no harm to others.

Liberty is the strand of Divine Connection that refuses to die or be enslaved. People can be enslaved, animals can be enslaved, plants can be enslaved – but the concept of Liberty lives forever as the hope for all oppressed.

I found convincing evidence that the consensus around the world is that Liberty is a Divine Right worth living and dying for. It was magnificent, witnessing the massive protests around the world for health freedom – it was by far the most explosive energy in the history of humanity! Billions of people fighting for Liberty!

With our world in such an elevated state of chaos, the idea of Liberty is the most powerful inspiration…. and perhaps the Hill on which Humanity will make its final stand.

An interesting factoid: Every time you get stopped by a cop and s/he says, “Do you understand?” and if you reply yes, then you have just given up your rights to that person (you make the agreement to “stand under” that authority). That manipulative term is literally intended to invalidate your Liberty and is the tip of the iceberg for the Cabal’s ultimate gameplan.

I am happy to say that the citizens of Liberty, since I moved away, have reclaimed the word (building on my innovations) and began to use it to build a positive future instead of living in the confines of someone else’s less-than-optimistic definition.

If that is the extent of my influence – then I am content.

Electricmeg is a Multimedia Artist who uses her talents to increase Divine Consciousness and create community among like-minded people who desire to create a better world. You can purchase her original music here, and when you buy it, you OWN it! No renting. Purchasing her original music or artwork is the best possible way to support her work.