“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”

– Baron de Montesquieu

As I have uncovered this information over the course of my research, shocks of recognition of this global coup d’etat have exploded my conscience. I look back through my liberal upbringing and recognize the many ways in which my generation was influenced to disengage from my grandparents’ generation of conservative patriots. Truth: Humanity has been co-opted by evildoers, and we are now in the throes of the real Final Solution.

I write this blog post as an invitation for you to follow my leads – do your own research, while you still can!!! But not on Google, Duck Duck Go or Wikipedia, which are fully censored.

The 4th Reich is a multi-pronged attack on the very essence of freedom and humanity.

We may have won WWII on the front pages of all the papers in the world, and in the hearts and minds of the people, but it’s becoming clear that we did NOT win the war; the public win was subversion with the intent of creating a culture of egotistical bravado that would be the perfect cover for the social, psychological and technological invasion of the United States – ultimately, a war on the very concept of freedom and humanity itself.

It’s common knowledge that many high ranking Nazi officers fled to Argentina in the dark of the night and created a Nazi stronghold there. It’s common knowledge that it was not actually Hitler who was found and assassinated. It’s perhaps not-so-common knowledge that during WWII the Nazis made a deal with extra-terrestrials and gained proprietary access to whatever is hiding under the ice in Antarctica, giving them technology that is light-years ahead of the rest of the world. (They also coopted the incredible discoveries and inventions of Viktor Schauberger and others who advanced vortex physics.) It’s also not-so-common knowledge that Barack Obama is Hitler’s grandson (his mother is Hitler’s daughter) and Arnold Schwarzenegger – who married Maria Shriver (niece of JFK) and became governor of California – is the son of a Nazi officer.

As to the Bush/Scherff family… well, that’s a subject of a whole other blog and I honestly don’t have the heart for it.

The Nazi invasion of the United States (and the world) has been a multi-pronged attack. It’s been compared to an octopus, with one central brain and many tentacles, not unlike a parasite. I don’t think it’s out of line to state that Edward Bernays (nephew Sigmund Freud) who was responsible for “selling” the early stages of socialism and the breakdown of American cultural values via his innovation of manufacturing consent via propagandized news and advertising – set the stage for the invasion.

Infiltrating government was one tentacle of the Nazi octopus (especially in the creation of the 3-letter agencies), but equally influential was the infiltration of the News, Media, Entertainment, Banking, Military, Technology, Energy, Education, Medical etc through Operation Paperclip. Every sector of society was “gifted” with Nazi leaders after WWII (WTF were we thinking????) and everything we are experiencing at this time, in regards to Covid, fraudulent elections, the American Color Revolution, and the breakdown of society – is the result of that invasion.

To say that it was just an invasion of the United States would be misleading; China was captured, as was Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and much of South America. It’s not just people who played a part; it’s equally important to pay attention to Nazi corporations, such as Bayer (manufactured the gas for the Nazi gas chambers), which founded the Wuhan Lab of Virology in China. (I’m sure if I looked into it, I’d find their hand in any number of bioweapon labs.) NextGen Nazi ventures include Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Pfizer and perhaps most importantly, Blackrock.

One aspect that I find fascinating is how the social engineering of Americans was accomplished – through liberalism which is an accommodating, accepting mindset “Bring us your poor, your tired, your hungry….” Unfortunately for us, totalitarians regard liberalism as weakness and don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. This is where it all gets very interesting, and where we need to re-define what the word Nazi is and means.

We will take America without firing a shot.

– Nikita Khrushchev

(Ironically, or not, he didn’t say anything about INJECTING a shot….)

Hitler, when he first started out, didn’t have much of a following or much funding, but his movement was strong. The Zionists (think Rothschild) approached Hitler and said, “Basically we have the same goals, and if we team up we will be very powerful.” Baron de Rothschild had money to fund anything at all. So, the word Nazi is a combination of Na (of National Socialist Party) and Zi (of Zionism). Now, I know it’s confusing – to see a Jewish name behind the Nazi movement, so let me go a step deeper here.

The goal of the Zionists (accomplished after WWII) was to create the state of Israel (Is Ra El) but most Jews, according to their teachings, believe that Jews are not supposed to have a state, or nation, or country. So, Hitler and the Zionists shared a problem – they wanted to get rid of the non-Zionist Jews. Hence, the concentration camps.

Backstory: The Zionists actually have another name – Khazarians. (Often referred to as the Khazarian Mafia.) There’s a clip of Joe Biden on video saying, “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist.” Khazarians are not just Jewish. I don’t think JP Morgan was Jewish, and Carnegie definitely wasn’t.

In short, about 1500 years ago the Khazarians of Khazakstan, were forced by the Russians (and by that, I mean the societies that were inhabiting that landmass at that time) to adopt any one of the Abrahamic religions, as they were godless devil-worshippers capable of such heinous murderous destruction that nobody wanted them as neighbors. They were know as the “Name Stealers” due to the fact that as merchants came through on the Silk Road, the Khazarians would ply them with food and drink to get their life story, and then kill them and assume their identities. So, the Khazarians took on the mantle of Judaism, but in the future infiltrated whatever religion they needed to, since religion – for the bulk of history – is where the absolute power and wealth lies. So yes, the Vatican is populated by Khazarians, notably the order of the Jesuits.

(Perhaps this culture of easily-switched identity is why Anthony Fauxi is so quick to change the definitions of diseases, pandemics and medical procedures when it suits his purpose.)

At this point in time, we can now use the term Khazarian. Khazarians control everything that we have attributed to Zionism (News, Media, Entertainment, Banking, Military, Technology, Energy, Education, Medical etc) and they continue to be bloodthirsty, murderous Devil-worshippers.

It’s very important to make the connection of this perspective – an open-minded, liberal, God-loving country, infiltrated by a murderous, self-serving, devil-worshipping cult.

It’s almost as if America was ripe for the picking, because most Americans are not capable of imagining the level of evil that is at the very core of the Khazarian Mafia.

Now, getting back to social engineering

This tentacle of the assault on America was accomplished by the Jewish faction of the Khazarians (Bernays being the fore-runner) and I’m going to share this video which describes it very well. The only issue I have with what is presented here, is that Wilhelm Reich actually gifted tremendous information and technology in service to humanity; his research in discovering orgone may have been unorthodox, and might have been one step toward the Sexual Revolution (a Khazarian construct to destroy society), but in the totality of his work, Reich was after something of tremendous significance. (Like so many technological geniuses, he died in jail, his inventions having been confiscated by a 3 letter agency.)

The Khazarians absorbed the secret teachings of Thoth and the Egyptian Mystery Schools, and created many secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, the Freemasons etc. (it’s a very long list). How this works – at this point in time – is that you CAN NOT advance in business beyond a certain point unless you join one of these societies. Conversely, once you join and swear your oath, doors are open to great riches and power. However once you join, you can never leave (Hotel California): you literally sell your soul to the Devil, and the price becomes greater and greater the more you advance. Important to note that the Devil, or Lucifer, or Baal, or Moloch, or Satan or whichever version/aspect of the Devil – is presented as the God of the Bible during the first stages of any initiation of these secret societies; people only learn that they are worshipping the Devil when they are in way too deep to do anything about it – so it’s quite the entrapment scheme.

In recent years, Hollywood, Disney and the music industry have come out in the open about their Satanism, there is no more hiding it. People like Beyonce and Gaga and Rhianna all proudly flaunt the fact that they sold their souls for fame and riches. This is a whole other rabbit hole.

So, entrapment is how they TRULY captured the world. Unfortunately, this is why at least 800,000 children go missing in America every year (8 million around the world – that we know of) – to fuel the pedophilia and child sacrifice that are at the very foundation of this culture.

Now – insert Epstein / Maxwell in the picture. Their job was to honeypot and collect blackmail material as people entered into the secret societies and made their way up the ladder.

So, from the perspective of the Khazarians, America is truly a captured society. There are those who say that Trump and the White Hats have been working all this time to disarm the Khazarian octopus. To my mind, the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones was a heartening affirmation, and there are other breadcrumbs, but mostly I see no definitive evidence that this is true at this time.

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy” – Klaus Schwab

One thing is certain: In the coming days, the global economy will flip – and which system wins out will reveal to us whether we have been fully enslaved, or set free. (BRICS/Global Currency Reset vs. Great Reset / Central Bank digital currencies.)

The asset-backed BRICS system is being promoting as a system that will empower humanity and destroy the Khazarians, but I am not fully convinced that it isn’t a back door into the Great Reset, which would be the end of human freedom forever. It remains to be seen.

My prayers are fully engaged with freeing humanity and Earth
from this Satanic Khazarian cabal.

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