The liberal mindset has become, “If it supports what I believe, then it’s okay.”

I’ve noticed that the Mockingbird Media has been working overtime to convince formerly rational-minded people of a shopping list of anti-human agendas, not the least of which is the genital mutilation of an entire generation. I don’t even know what to say any more. Liberals have lost their collective mind.

Meanwhile they are hell-bent on putting Trump in jail, but what they don’t realize is that Trump has been living a squeaky clean life and there is NOTHING – according the Rule of Law – that can be found against him. Where this gets tricky is, if Liberals in their mind-controlled psychotic hatred push for false imprisonment on Trumped-up Charges, then we evolve to a lawless society and they will become the victims of that same lawlessness.

The Rule of Law exists for a reason!

I have known people who were swindled by Trump, but it was always done through lawyers. So, he obviously figured out how to game the system. I am not a supporter of that approach, but I always wondered – what’s the value to a contractor of being able to say that he worked on a Trump hotel? Is it equal to whatever Trump didn’t pay? Maybe it opens doors for a whole new level of jobs that more than pay the bill.

Liberals support the destruction of this country in many ways, but perhaps most egregiously via the open border. Millions of people have crossed the border in the past 18 months and Biden has flown them or bussed them all over the country. THIS IS HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!! It’s also DRUG trafficking on a massive scale, as evidenced by the fact that overdoses have become one of the primary causes of death (along side Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.)

There’s an attempt to allow the border crosses to vote in this upcoming election. I don’t know about you, but to my mind everything about this willful invasion goes against what I know and love of this country including IT’S LAWS!!!

Liberals support lawlessness as evidenced by every Sanctuary City in this country, where murder rates are up 2X (200%) – 4X (400%).

Liberals choose to abandon the Constitution. Institutionalized Censorship & Propaganda, the push at taking away guns, infringing on personal sovereignty via the vaxxes etc etc etc.

Liberals are Puppets on a String. The string is the Mainstream Media, and the Puppet Master is the Apex Predator on this Planet.

– electricmeg
How Evil is Evil?

Anyone can cut the string at any point in time by turning off the television and disengaging from Mainstream Media (the REAL virus). It is not a comfortable transition, but when you understand the implications of continuing on Fake News path (transhumanism / end of humanity), then you accept those challenges. There are many resources available to help people in this transition, including my ever-growing venture, j’Aquaire.

Even in the Patriot world, people and their sponsors have agendas. Research. So many are simply trying to buy your confidence so that when they feed you disinfo, you’ll trust it. Learn to trust your gut instincts, this is the most powerful tool of discernment. Intuition.

On the outside of the Matrix system, we are learning how to re-engage with our Abilities, our Connection, our Humanity and Our Divinity. The vanguard have already confronted the evil and gone through the process of atonement one way or another. There will be a collective atonement as well.

Humanity has awakened to a point at which the conquering of this evil is possible. In order for us to survive, Love MUST become the common agreement between all souls.

First, we need to agree WHAT LOVE IS