How Evil is Evil? (continued)

A recurring discussion on this blog because it’s imperative that people open their eyes to what is happening in our world. It is NOT okay to stick your head in the sand! The repercussions are too extreme.

Note: My life force energy is involved in envisioning and bringing to life the post-evil world.*

Today I’m sharing a few recent (and not-so-recent) contributions to the great knowledgbase, exposing the Globlista agenda to destroy humanity and Earth. It can be depressing! Take it in small doses. And remember that you are not alone in having to deal with the horror of it.

Unless and Until the rot at the core of society is exposed, it will destroy us.

Eyes of the Devil Documentary – Organized Human/Organ Trafficking

SADS Documentary – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

What is a Woman Documentary – The question you’re not allowed to ask.

Globalist Infiltration of American Health System Interview – Dr. Naomi Wolf

The Enslavement of Digital Currency Interview – G. Edward Griffin

Mind Control Manipulation of Illuminati Music Industry Documentary – Mark Devlin

LSD, MK Ultra and the Hippie Movement Documentary – Neil Sanders

The Transhumanist Mechanics of the Vaccines Graphic

Great Reset / New World Order Description – Dr. Reiner Fullmich

These Little Ones Documentary – Human Trafficking

Mass Vaccination Fraud Interview – Johns Hopkins, Harvard, UCSF

Money Masters Documentary (1996) – Reality of the Banking Industry


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* My unique experiences & perceptions put me into a frequency of my own; I do not know, or agree, to anyone else’s perception of “normal”. I’ve been working to purify and harmonize my actions with my ideals, striving to emulate the Christed energy as much as possible. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time alone, in Nature, in silence, becoming connected to and in tune with Ether / Orgone / Chi / Prana / Divine Matrix / Holy Ghost. Through this ongoing meditation, Source has communicated to me / us the opportunity for Earth and humanity to ascend to magnificence of the 5th Dimension / Age of Aquarius, as opposed to the current trend toward a very dead machine / AI world.

All we have to do is shift the balance of human energy to LOVE!

Reject anything fear-based.