This is Currency War Week.

(Update at bottom)

As of Saturday, the dollar is smashing other currencies to smithereens and this is the beginning of the great birth of the new economic system. What remains to be seen is which system will win out. Cryptos aren’t doing too well at the moment. Every other currency aside from the dollar is crashing. Congress is passing all kinds of bills to engage Central Bank Digital Currencies; they’re trying to set us up for the Chinese Social Credit Score System, but Trump has stated publicly that he will never allow them to enslave us in that system.

The old must crash before the new emerges.

One person’s vision of the emerging global economy

The reason the dollar is so strong (at the moment; from what I understand) is because it is tied to the new US Note, which is gold-backed. My greatest hope and prayers are that this new system – called the Quantum Financial System (QFS) – has NOTHING to do with the Social Credit Score system or BlackRock’s AI Aladdin; that remains to be seen.

The QFS is an AI-controlled blockchain that acts as a ledger for the new digital economy. A blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger – meaning that it exists in many different places around the world, and cannot be changed. Every transaction is stored forever in a particular block (like a cell in a spreadsheet), using Smart Contracts to cement all kinds of information such as contracts, copyrights, decrees etc . It’s impossible to edit or hack. The QFS tracks all financial transactions around the world and is one part of a greater Quantum Computer. Each one of us will become our own banker, making online / digital transactions similar to Zelle or Venmo. For the most part there won’t be bank tellers any more, there will be only be loan officers, wealth managers and such.

It seems that the Global Currency Reset (GCR) took place on September 24th and we’re just beginning to learn about it. The implications of the GCR are that every currency will be 1:1 with every other currency in the world, as all currencies are becoming gold- or asset-backed. Trump predicted this on CNBC while he was in the White House (see video below) and in various talks post-presidency. Almost 2/3 of the world had already moved to the gold-backed BRICS system, and more countries are applying every day. This move to an asset based system is (ostensibly) in opposition to the Rothschild Central Banks, a cancerous, anti-human organization that has sucked the blood out of too many countries (and people) to count during the past 300+ years.

The Rothschild Cabal stole the USA out from under us, and the GCR is helping to get it back in our control.

The evil ones cannot survive in a system built on accountability. No stealing, cheating, blackmailing, selling kids or drugs or weapons…. no bad stuff is supposed to be able to happen. That is the premise of the QFS. But it means that everyone is tracked. I still don’t know who or what determines what is good behavior and what is bad behavior, this is important information! I will share it as soon as I know for sure; at the moment I’m just praying for the best possible outcome.

The evil ones also can’t abide, or deal with, the frequency of LOVE and above. They can’t even interact with it. So imagine, if you will, a future in which LOVE was demanded as the primary way we interact with others…. and with Nature. It’s so simple! Replace Trauma Culture, with Love Culture!!

If we end up with a global financial system based on factual equity, then we have the possibility for a most extraordinary future! The milisecond there’s no more suppression of free energy devices, our world changes beyond recognition for the positive – Jetsons-style. I’m SOOO ready for my flying car!! I am giddy with the thought that we might be so incredibly close to achieving the Aquarian dream!!!!!!!! (As opposed to the American Dream)

I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life!!

I think we’re close because the Bank of England, which fell today, was the cornerstone of the Rothschildian empire.

There IS a God After All, Virginia!!!!

UPDATE 9/30: It’s possible that what’s happening is not a currency war, but a balancing to 1:1 parity. Trump gave a 7 day warning that expires today. It’s about to get very interesting!