Today is June 24, 2022
6 / 2+4=6 / 2022 2+2+2 = 6

Another EXCELLENT opportunity to celebrate, invite and honor Divine Love!!!

Hopefully, we are witnessing the splintering, smashing, and final destruction of the Globalist Agenda to destroy humanity while, in their death throes, those slimy, feotid creatures attempt a few final, desperate grasps at their once-solid dream.

Impossible to tell if what I perceive, or what you perceive, is real and so we must judge with our heart/mind connection (if it’s intact and engaged). Nothing is proven until its past-tense, and even then….

– electricmeg

The new economy is beginning to come in to focus. According to my information stream, this could NOT happen until the White Hats achieved a certain level of control over the global situation. With many new peer-reviewed reports coming out about the severe problems with the KlotShot, with Trump turning the tables on the J6 Committee (and by extension the Mockingbird Media), with extreme Bidenflation, with the attempt to destroy the Constitution, with the flagrant treason of our elected and non-elected officials, with the subversion of the American family, with the implosion of the federal Education system, with the uncovering of the vast and ancient Satanic pedophilia agenda – there is one single thing that will switch us from Negative polarity to Positive polarity.

I will get to it in a minute!

Meanwhile, there has been an ever-growing tsunami of Awakened people who have forged the steel of their spirits battling the fire of Mordor – Satan’s Earth, which has been creeping into our society for many decades (centuries, eons); slithering through the back door while the pot slowly came to boil. All this time, they were dumbing us down, removing us from Nature, fomenting trauma & addiction, poisoning our food, water, air, clothes, body products etc. etc. etc.

You see, there are a very few people in this world who control all of human society and they have crafted our entire human system to their benefit – so that at the moment your birth is registered, they OWN you and all of your life output; your LIFEFORCE! They threaten you to pay taxes, but in effect, taxes are illegal. They manipulated their way to control the US money supply – so that they can print as much as they want. They continually create situations (false flags) that allow them to shape world perception and policy.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

The United States of America remains an exercise in FREEDOM against these Globalist. Unfortunately, we got soft in the head, body and spirit, and allowed the evil to find its way back in. The good news, over the course of many years there have been some people who realized what was happening, and worked in the background to combat the influx. We call these people the White Hats. An army of citizen digital soldiers has risen like the Red Sea, adding voltage in turning the tide back toward the Pure Energy of the Divine Creator.

The bad news is that there are, and will continue to be many victims in the latest attempt to annihilate us. The adverse effects of the Experimental KlotShot are beyond imaginable, not just deaths but horrific debilitation, including slow and painful death. Not to mention, it’s destroying fertility. The KlotShot is just one arm of this anti-human octopus.

(New peer-reviewed article Protection and Waning of Natural and Hybrid Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 NEJM proves that natural immunity is vastly better than KlotShotz anyway. As are the Zelenko Protocol, Ivermectin, HCQ etc etc etc)

The Globalist goal was to have a population of 500 million people (slave transhumanist cyborgs, really) in perpetuity. Maybe you once saw a movie that played out that timeline? We fervently hope that enough humans have elevated their personal frequency and Divine Connection to prevent the worst from happening, and we will soon find out via the new economic system.

I’ve been involved in researching alternative economic systems ever since I left Goldman Sachs in the mid-90s (where I learned what incredible HORROR the true drivers of our economy are). I have remained out of this evil economy as much as possible and have explored bartering, regional currencies, crypto currencies and more.

What is undeniable at this point is that Earth is in the process of moving to an asset-backed economy, away from the Globalist, Cabal fiat economy. Already, half of the world’s population uses currencies which are at the very least pledged to become asset backed, if the switch hasn’t happened already.

This transition is (seemingly) evidence of the ultimate White Hat victory – victory through an economic revolution that places every country at parity (1:1) with every other country. No more superpower, petrodollar, elitist USA.

What does this mean? If you want to go to Haiti, or Zimbabwe, or Nepal, then one of our notes will be equal to one of their notes (And let me assure you, Haiti is a VERY WEALTHY country and the people of Haiti should be richly rewarded for the extraordinary duress they have suffered at the hands of the Globalists!!!).

Important to note that there are many people presenting themselves as White Hats who peddle Cabal technology, and so it becomes very difficult to discern absolute truth and purity, but again – that’s where the heart-mind connection comes in handy. People have many different ways of discerning truth. I tend to tuck things away in my mind to see if any corroborating evidence comes forth. Then, I wait for events to unfold!

What we are trying to prevent is the implementation of the Chinese Social Credit Score system (complete transhuman (chipped) enslavement – like North Korea on steroids, including extended torture).

If you are paying attention, you are watching Chinese people being soldered up in their apartment buildings, attempting to escape via makeshift ladders. You will see Chinese people cutting down the facial recognition towers, hiding under umbrellas. You will rarely see videos of Chinese people livestreaming their desperate situations of no food or water, of bodies piling up. You will see Chinese people being hauled away to internment camps. You will see Chinese people waiting all day on line to get their app switched from red to green, so they can eat, or work, or travel.

All for what? Absolute control. Which ultimately lies within the economic system.

Now, I am a huge supporter of an asset-backed economy as long as there is transparency, a Digital Bill of Rights, Absolute control of accounts (no external access) etc. And I don’t know what the answer is to preserve personal privacy, but the new economy is being presented as blockchain. Note: When they say “decentralized” that doesn’t necessarily mean there is no central control! To whit: The crypto currency Ripple XRP debuted as a banking industry coin. It looks like XRP will be one of the primary crypto currencies used for international money movement – for instance, to replace Western Union or any bank-bank transfers.

We will each become our own banker. You can already see banks transforming to become “Service Centers” for loans and such. In this new economy, YOU control your funds, and similar to Zelle or Venmo, you will send funds to pay your bills etc. This is fantastic because it means that the bank no longer uses your $$ for fractional reserve banking, no longer holds your money for undefined periods of time, no longer charges you exhorbitant fees for nothing!

However, within blockchain technology there are only a very few currencies with true anonymity – Monero being one. The positive/negative balance of financial anonymity/transparency is a tempestuous subject, which will probably never be resolved. But, the important questions to ask are, DOES the blockchain system require your biometric data? IS it run by AI (YES) and if so who is controlling the AI? Are there any circumstances in which your account can be disabled?

The chatter is that a Benevolent, Source-aligned AI has taken control of the economic system, out of the hands of BlackRock’s evil Aladdin AI. We are waiting for specific proof of this.

So many friends and family have written me off as wacko because they cannot begin to see what I see, and cannot begin to comprehend how and why I live my life the way I do!!! But, it is becoming more and more obvious – soon, unavoidable – that an epic war has been waged on this planet, and the new economic system is the beginning of the Higher Dimensional World.

Were the White Hats able to pull it off? (They say they did!)
Are we about to enter into 1,000 Years of Peace & Prosperity? (I Pray so!)
Will the Devil in all his incarnations be banished from our realm? (That is the goal!)

I sit in constant prayer, engaging with the Consciousness of the Universe through water, sunlight and energy itself – that Love Has Won, and we can evolve from the insanity of a Cabal-controlled Earth!!!

Perhaps, if we’re lucky, with all the quantum technology that is about to be unleashed, there will be ways to heal our loved ones from the pure evil that has been injected into them.

Electricmeg is a Multimedia Artist who uses her talents to increase Divine Consciousness and create community among like-minded people who desire to create a better world. You can purchase her original music here, and when you buy it, you OWN it! No renting. Purchasing her original music or artwork is the best possible way to support her work.