The purpose and intent of the Supreme Court of the United States is to make sure that LAW is Conforming to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Fact is, the original SCOTUS ruling on Roe vs. Wade was illegal due to the fact that abortion is not a part of the Constitution. Abortion is a State’s Rights issue; it has no business in the Supreme Court. WHY it was ever heard in the first place is a very important avenue of exploration, and current contention.

I can assure you, having lived through it as a young girl, that the abortion campaign of the 1970s was inexorably linked to Women’s Liberation/Equal Rights, coming out of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. We never got Equal Rights!!! But we DID get the right to kill our babies!! What came out of that time is that Abortion = Women’s Rights…. and this is SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neither (most) Men, nor Government, nor Corporations
have ever cared one quanta about Women’s Rights!!!!

This image should outrage Freedom-Loving Americans

Fascinating Hypocrisies

Point: Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” whose unwanted pregnancy led to the 1973 SCOTUS case Roe V. Wade, came clean in 1995, admitted that she had never been raped, never had an abortion, and began to crusade AGAINST abortion stating that as a disenfranchised young woman, she had been used by powerful people for the purposes of advancing the abortion agenda.

Point: An inconvenient and not-too-well-known truth is the market for aborted baby parts is HUGE.

Fetal brain: $22,610.
Fetal heart: $7,140
Fetal liver: $2,975.
Fetal pancreas: $7,140.
Fetal limbs: $2,670.

Who’s buying? Well, your taxpayer dollars are hard at work funding research using these expensive items (although, Trump curtailed this research), but also you consume them in any number of processed food products, marketed as “Natural Flavor.” Big Pharma uses a ton of it.

I have no doubt that a nicely Sauteed Fetal Brain with Fava Beans and Chianti is the nightly house special at any one of the Cannibal restaurants that popped up over the last decade, or any number of Spirit Cooking events.

– electricmeg

Some statistics state that there are 1.5 million abortions in the US alone every year. Official statistics are close to a million. So, the potential gross revenue for Planned Parenthood and their counterparts is $64 BILLION per year. Whatever the true gross profit number is, it’s a PRETTY PENNY.

No Wonder so many fascist Libtards are losing their mind –
They’ve just lost another one of their cookie jars!

Point: In the fascist nanny state, corporations pay for their workers’ abortion expenses – not because they care about their female workers, but because it’s a whole lot cheaper than paying for maternity leave. (Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. included)

Point: On Friday June 24, 2022 AOC, a Soros-cialist, was filmed inciting an insurrection in DC. She literally said, “Get out in the streets!” There is similar footage of Maxine Waters and others doing the same.

The fact that the January 6 Commission is
attempting to convict Trump of inciting a riot
when there is zero evidence of such a thing happening,
and Meanwhile AOC is filmed “Live in DC”

Point: In another Soros-funded scenario, large pallets of bricks were delivered to strategic sites in progressive cities (yet again) – Philly, Chicago, NY, DC, LA etc – in preparation for his masked army to descend and take control. Oddly, and with the craziest of foresight, these are abortion-protected cities in abortion-protected states. (facepalm)

Who needs guns when you’ve got bricks? ( or is it BRICS!!??? ;+} )

Point: So, now we have Antifa, bolstered by the illegal border-crossers (who are transported, housed, given reams of cash, and btw don’t have to be jabbed – all courtesy of whoever is pulling Biden’s strings) in these sanctuary cities & states that have dissolved their police forces, and have done as much as they can to take away our guns and …. AND …. now some fool somewhere is promoting the idea of a Night of Rage (what movie was that?).

It all sounds like Perfect Storm to usher in NATO and the GREAT RESET

“You cannot control my body!!!! … Except for experimental genetically modifying jabs!!! then – I’m all yours! “

This is not hypocrisy – it is LUNACY. STUPIDITY. IDIOCY.
A COMPLETE breakdown in Logic.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too, stoopid!!!

Point: The Church of Satan offers abortion as a sacrament. (I am in no way recommending this, just revealing the Fascinating Hypocrisies!)

The last point I’m gonna make right now is this: I have sat through several extremely painful videos of women screaming hysterically that they would get pregnant “just to abort the bitch.” This phenomenon, in conjunction with other examples of extreme barbarity such as “post birth abortions” (to what age do we have the right to abort our progeny, I wonder?) – illustrates the gravest danger that:

We Have Allowed
Human Life
To Be Devalued
to ZERO.


– Abortion is by far the #1 cause of death
– Inordinate % of US abortions are Black Americans
– Abortion is a sanctioned form of Child Sacrifice

The following video is an important piece of the puzzle.

What Can We Do?

  1. Americans are pissed that abortion is being taken away as a form of birth control.
  2. People who profit from abortion are pissed that their income is being slashed.
  3. Corporations who use aborted fetal parts are pissed because they have to find new ingredients

For the 2nd two of those problems, C’est la Fuckin’ Vie.

For the 1st, I want to open a dialogue that comes up with the perfect answer for everyone. I have no doubt there is a quantum solution. The responsibility, as always, falls on the woman and so it will be an answer addressing the female reproductive system. I can assure that that when we find the answer, it will be simple, reliable, and cheap. It may be as simple as listening to a frequency every day. I will be sure to post as soon as I find an answer.

Then – once you have quantum fertility protection available to you I just hope & pray that one day you realize what an incredibly sacred vessel your body is, and that non-sacred sex is one of the primary actions that keeps you trapped in the Trauma Matrix.

Note: I am empathetic to the many reasons why women NEED to have an abortion. Plenty of states will have “abortion tourism” to service those women, as well as all the others who are just using it as birth control.

Ultimately, we must return to LOVE.
We must safeguard our young women,
and we must teach males from a very early age
how to honor and respect
the Divine Feminine.

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