The Matrix is designed to run on the energy of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Your lust, vanity, greed, your jealousy – they FEED the Matrix. Entertainment is manufactured for your consumption in order to continually feed the 7 Deadly Sins to make you feel comfortable, or at least familiar, in that context.

My time in the Music Industry in the 1990s was an important education about finding and holding true to my own vision. As a powerful female trumpet player, there was no way I would ever fit into the identity of a Madonna, or a Mariah Carey. In fact, there was such incredible push back against me and I couldn’t figure it out at the time. But, now I get it. Unless you accept your role as a sex object, you’re not given the pass. Ergo, the female big band, Diva, in which all the (excellent) players dressed to look uniform/non-unique in miniskirts and corsets.

I buried my dream to be the next Chuck Mangione/Peter Gabriel, and began to play Freejazz. In the context of large group improvisation, I found tremendous meaning and over the course of years developed a solid style of composing and playing, outside the swamp of the Music Industry. The Elders of this movement – Daniel Carter and Sabir Mateen – helped us to learn the value of this form of meditation and communication as one of the highest ideals attainable as a musician.

Because of my family history, my travels & explorations, my work and my music experience before I had my kid at age 38, I had learned more about life than most people learn in several lifetimes. I had a friend who never left the block she grew up on and the magnitude of difference between us is monumental. She acts insufferably from the 7 Deadly Sins – mostly pride and greed – and can’t even begin to recognize her cage. I had to sever the relationship because at almost age 60, she hasn’t begun to implement the primary concept of Gratitude into her life, and I cannot deal with people at that base level.

When I first arrived in NYC I befriended a conceptual artist who described to me the plot of an oil-painting-movie he was working on about an apartment building where at the first floor people were unidimensional, than at the 2nd floor people were 2D, then 3D all the way up to 7D at the top floor. How do people at 7D communicate with people at 1D? I am forever grateful for this person to opening my eyes to this concept, as it has – like a spiral – become a greater and greater foundation of how I view and interact with the world. (A few years back, a movie came out based on this concept, with Donald Sutherland as the King at the Top of the Tower, I don’t remember the name of the movie, I never saw it.) (And if this is somewhat reminiscent of Atlas Shrugged, so be it. There are layers and layers of deliberate obfuscation in society that keep people at low levels; either you find your way out, or you don’t.)

At this point in my life, it is Divine Connection that I value. This is the information I seek through the tens of thousands of hours I spend researching the socio-political chaos of our time. I think Divine Connection is the single key to our survival, if we are to survive at all.

The enemies of Divine Consciousness are those who worship any aspect of Satan – the Devil, Lucifer, Baal, Baphomet etc etc etc. There are many orders, or religions, that pretend to be Divinely connected, but which are actually practicing Satanism in one form or another – Freemasons, Theosophists come to mind. You will find many transgendered children in these families.

When I realized the book Little Women
was pushing Luciferianism – My world flipped.
(Blavatsky / Theosophy / Luciferian Trust)

I know that many people consider that the Biblical Society presented in the series Handmaid’s Tale is the only version of a society based on Biblical principles, but I’m telling you that is not true. First of all, there are hundreds of books of the Bible that were censored, and when they are brought to the public eye religion – and society – will transform instantly. Secondly, there has been such propagandization of the Bible – ie, the translation into English by Sir Francis Bacon (Queen Elizabeth’s son, apparently) which became the King James Version, implemented modern language as a form of “slavery.” So, unless each one of us learns ancient Latin and reads the original documents, and interprets on our own – then none of us will really know what the Bible says. And thirdly, the Council of Nicea in the 4th centiry – in addition to censoring many books of the Bible – also propagandized what remained available to us.

I am living proof that as we exit the Matrix and gradually embody the 7 Graces, or the 7 Virtues, we strengthen our connection to Divine Consciousness, and All Is Possible. This has been happening en masse since January 2021, among those who have chosen to not desecrate their bodies with the Clot Shots – people are living and acting with Divine Consciousness – and the world is becoming a better place for it.

There is a strong belief at this point in time that the Clot Shot was an IQ test – either you give yourself over to an experimental poison without question, or don’t. (There were PLENTY of globally respected doctors and researchers who were imploring people to avoid them at all costs.) Despite the fact that the Holocaust was not that long ago, 75% – 80% of Americans didn’t question the narrative, and simply obeyed. Those people failed the IQ test and unfortunately will not be with us for long. In the past 20 months, the mortality rate has skyrocketed, cancers and neurodegenerative diseases have skyrocketed, heart attacks and strokes have skyrocketed, miscarriages and infant death have skyrocketed, young adult death has skyrocketed, infertility has skyrocketed…. no need to worry about overpopulation. The Clot Shots have taken care of that problem.

All that is left for us Purebloods at this point is to work to balance the horror of watching our loved ones die en masse, with our Divine Connection. Life is an infinite cycle of death and rebirth, learning and growing. What they didn’t learn this cycle, they might learn the next.

Many years ago I decided I wanted off the Incarnation Wheel and the only way to achieve that, is Oneness with the Divine. So my time in creativity, my time in nature, my time studying the nature of energy, my time serving those who need me – that is my ticket at least to enjoy higher levels of Divine Connection in the next incarnation, if I do not achieve graduation out of 3D.

Electricmeg is a Multimedia Artist who uses her talents to increase Divine Consciousness and create community among like-minded people who desire to create a better world. You can purchase her original music here, and when you buy it, you OWN it! No renting. Purchasing her original music or artwork is the best possible way to support her work.