Do we Transcend our Fragile Egos,
and the Lies of the MSM & Pharma to SCREAM:


Ed Dowd’s new book Cause Unknown – The employed (fully vaxxed) population experienced a 15% increase in disability in 2021 over the general population.

Stew Peters’ recent documentary Died Suddenly explores why people en masse are falling down dead.

UK Govt. Data Shows C19-Boosted Kids Are up to 137x MORE Likely to Die from C19 Than Unvaxed

Dr. Steve Kirsh: In the Pfizer trials, more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group. It takes 22,000 vaccines to save one life from COVID. So you killed 150,000 in order to maybe save 10,000 lives.

10,661.4% increase in Reports of Cancer post-jab

Compelling evidence of the the dramatic difference in health between vaxxed / unvaxxed kids by Dr. Paul Thomas

Published evidence that #DiedSuddenly is related to vax (Europe 11/22)

On Personality Changes post-vax – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Dr. Christiane Northrup explores the horrific side effects of jabs on fertility, gestation and birth rates.

Musk to Fact-check the Fact-checkers

72.4 Million Americans rejected the Experimental Jab. Hallelujah!