I enjoy the work of Jordan Maxwell, who breaks down the many ways that language and symbols have been used to control humanity over the ages.

Maxwell, along with people like Zecharia Sitchin, Graham Hancock, Michael Tellinger and so many others who decode history, language and culture, have helped to reveal an alternate reality behind the curtain of what we perceive as reality. They are modern-day superheroes who courageously asked forbidden questions, dug for forbidden answers, never took NO for an answer, and in the process began to reveal a great web of lies and deceit. The more people who have become involved in digging, the more deceit has been revealed.

We are Infinite, Divine Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

– David Icke

We are smack in the middle of a Great Flood of Disclosure

This Great Flood is smashing to smithereens the walls of Deception; the Ego trap – a box made solid by Disconnection from the Divine. The Flood is revealing that the world beyond the Box is the true Universal Playground. This global destruction is happening on a subconscious level, a conscious level, and a super conscious level. It is happening in the material realm and it is happening in the quantum realm. It is happening in the financial markets and it is happening in the corporate world. It is happening in every way that is important, and this time of upheaval will be dramatic, traumatic, chaotic, desperate, confusing and life-changing.

Is this Metaphoric Flood an Act of Divine Intervention?

I would be so bold to say that there is an element of the Divine at play, for Evil has ceased to masque itself, and has been operating out in the open for a long, long time. In this way, Evil has exposed itself to God’s Infinite Love, which is like water to the Wicked Witch of the West.

Pedophilia & Transgenderism are blatant symptoms of Baphomet worship. Baphomet is the aspect of Satan who demands Child Sacrifice. Whether through the media or pharmaceuticals or the economy or education or food scarcity (these things are all in full play), children are the target – the crop, if you will.

Babies are already grown as GMO crops. In the near future, if we do not take back control, there will be no more parents, no more families, no more communities. Just endless crops of babies grown for the emerging Satanic machine civilization, Matrix-style. Humanity will be a forgotten blip in the history of the universe.

That is the worst case scenario, but it is not yet written in stone. Humanity has certainly allowed an incredible amount of evil to seep in through the cracks, but some of us were paying attention. Thank GOD.

The only way we get our future back is by taking action and aligning with the Divine Creator in whatever way possible. For some people, it’s religion and prayer, for others it’s spirituality and meditation. For some it’s time in nature, or time given to community, or simply committing to the change from an Ego-based reality, to a Consciousness-base reality.

For most, it begins with taking control of your own SELF, and your own healing and transcendance from Trauma, first.

The Brunson Brothers Save America (and the world)

The Brunson Brothers are a family (of trumpet players) who have worked together to Save Humanity by initiating a lawsuit focusing on the egregious disrespect that has been given to the Constitutional Oath of Office taken by every elected official in the US. This lawsuit is monumental, and has the ability to create ALL of the change we need. SCOTUS has agreed to hear the case on January 6, 2023. (There ARE no mistakes, my friends!) You can take action by sending a letter to SCOTUS in support of the lawsuit. All information available at the link.

God Bless the superheroes!

May we all manifest that magnificent potentiality.