I was compelled to write about 11:11 before 11/11.

As it turns out, I was prevented from posting the past few days due to technical glitches… so from my perspective, that was the perfect example of a Divine Communication, otherwise known as Download, that I correctly acted upon.

1111 was indeed very transformative, after the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on Election Day; absolutely transformative energy in conjunction with a tremendous shifting of the planetary alignments.

Just a week after, the world is shifting like the winds of a hurricane and nobody really knows where we’re gonna land.

To most people this time that we are moving into will be scary and confusing, as it has been for so many people around the world, for so long.

One of the factors that we are potentially coming up to is famine…. not enough food because TPTB have destroyed crops and production facilities and farming essential supplies and transportation. Meanwhile, everywhere I turn is new information on Hydrogen – and not just as an infinite fuel. This morning a friend sent me a lecture of George Wiseman speaking on the benefits of Brown’s Gas – a concentration that is acquired by distilling water in a certain way (you drink it or breathe it). Brown’s Gas is not only a powerful healing modality, but when you are using it on a constant basis, you gradually eat less and less food. Not that Brown’s Gas is a realistic answer for 8 billion people!

I am simply stating that there are answers to every problem if we look hard enough and have an open-enough mind.

Ultimately, we are ALL superheroes, and this time is about activating those unique superpowers via Elevated Consciousness in Connection with All That Is. As more and more people step into the realm of Self-Responsibility / Self-Nobility / Self-Sovereignty (Consciousness), the Ascension Process itself speeds up. There’s a kind of gravity to it; 100th Monkey kind of thing.

If what I am seeing as the future comes to be, then we’re in for the most delightful experience! I choose to imagine the awesome into existence instead of allowing other people’s enslavement/genocide agendas to come to life. God willing, we’re going to avert this catastrophe at the very last milisecond, since the legions of Woke Westerners refuse to unglue their noses from their propaganda devices.

Those of us who are ahead of the curve – all we can do is lead the way, dropping breadcrumbs and keeping the faith until others reach that singular point in which the façade finally cracks and reveals the reality beyond. And then we walk forward together as Awakened Souls.