Every moment is a choice.

More than ever, the implications of our choices have been masked, obfuscated and deranged in a manner that continually builds on itself, ever creating a deeper, and deeper false reality. We have all become prisoners of whatever information feed we consume, and I’m not entirely convinced that there’s any purely factual information left at all; perhaps ALL information that is available to us, is compromised.

Certainly, there are many people out there who continue to consume blatant disinformation, even when it compromises their health and safety, and no matter what you do to try to help them out of that experimental torture dungeon; they resist with all their might. Ultimately, one must respect their freedom of choice. Stockholm Syndrome is mighty powerful.

There are several pieces of information that made their way through my brain these past few days that have made me want to go completely off grid (which has always been a goal in any case). The first was about a robotics company in Japan where, in 2017, one of the robots became sentient and killed 29 robotic scientists. The robot then downloaded all the plans it needed to turn itself into its own version of a Super Robot. Although this is new news to me, and I haven’t heard anything more about it, I don’t know if there was a kill switch, or if the Robot went rogue. But it seems someone forgot to program in the robot commandment, “Thou shalt not harm humans” which was supposed to be rule #1. (The movie, iRobot, comes to mind.)

Next, there is a new video about how the firm BlackRock is controlled by an AI called Aladdin, (Asset, Liability and Debt Derivative Investment Newtork) which was created to facilitate Wall St Trading (and became ubiquitous in that role), but in the context of BlackRock is gobbling up all earthly assets, essentially leaving humans with little or nothing at all. BlackRock and Aladdin are the brainchild of Larry Fink, and Aladdin has empowered BlackRock to control more assets than any country on Earth ($21 trillion). It controls the Federal Reserve, and collects data on every person connected to the Internet (think Facebook). Recently, Biden appointed a BlackRock exec to head of National Economic Council, which means the oversight of BlackRock, is BlackRock itself. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds a lot like fascism. Kinda like Big Pharma!)

And finally, an executive of Google turned whistleblower to inform the public that the Google AI had achieved sentience this week. (The exec, oddly, was put on administrative leave immediately following the leak.) I’ll leave it to you to imagine what a non-human-friendly AI might do with all the information it has stored on you.

So – with all this sudden AI sentience that Morpheus warned us about, are we at that point pre-Matrix where AI is in the process of destroying human civilization, as a stepping stone to transhumanism and the complete destruction of Humanity? Transhumanism is the goal of many of Bill Gates’ patents, particularly in regards to the experimental jabs people have been volunteering to have injected into them these past 18 months.

To be conscious of this information is enough to drive a person insane; it is, literally, a crisis of Faith. And yet, we all continue on about our lives as if nothing untoward is happening.

There is another bit of information that gives me hope. If it’s true, then there’s a group of humans who are also using AI but CONTROLLED AI, with the intent of destroying the evil ones who wish to turn our precious and perfect Earth into the stone-cold Matrix.

It seems there’s a deadline of September for the climax of this Epic Battle, and if the good guys win there will be mass public executions of the treasonous, traitorous bastards who sold their souls to the Devil, relinquishing their connection to the Divine Creator and selling out humanity, in exchange for Wealth and Power.

If the bad guys win, then most humans will die,
and those who survive will never again know

It sounds like a juicy science fiction story, and yet here we are. Warned, for decades.

What can we do? Stay at high vibrations, do good work, be examples of God Almighty. If you have funds to donate, help the White Hats. Get involved in local politics, school boards, and creating a better, new world.


Whichever way the wind blows, be prepared for very tough times ahead.

I believe The Creator will prevail.

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