Juan O’Savin says we’re at Defcon 1. Kim “Possible” belittles him for his grandiose posturing (She, after all, has a much higher security clearance!)

The above is a pale shadow of a joke; poking fun at two notorious online personalities who have ridden the Covid wave to fame and fortune and are in a mock-battle for power over Huemanity…. specifically the financial system!!!

Patrick Henry: Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!

It’s not just that the MSM “accidentally” doesn’t cover any of what I cover; truth is, they actively sensor it. They don’t want people to even HEAR about these things! And they try to make it taboo! You have to use alt search engines to find this info: I use Qwant.com on my Brave browser and sometimes I use Tor, and I also use the alt streaming services which double as great search engines. Telegram seems to be the freest place to have a conversation these days, although I have no doubt it’s an information gathering service just like everything else. But there’s very little censorship.

And now for something completely different – let’s take a look at what’s happening in our world right now:

– Canada: Full force to be used against the Convoy Freedom Truckers within the next six days (from Fri. 26 Aug. 2022). Orders have been given for Mass Arrests and a total Media and cell phone Blackout.

Germany’s New Normal: Enabling Act (8/24/22) authorizes the continued persecution of “the Unvaccinated” (Untermenschen), the mandatory wearing of masks (symbol), the banning of protests, and assorted other “emergency measures.”

– Iran rolls out biometric scanners for food rations

The Iranian (Shia) faction of the Iraqi government resigns.

– Impending Ethereum reverse-fork evolving blockchain to Proof of Stake (faster, cheaper, less energy intensive) / JPMorgan moves in

Dr Robert Malone (inventor, mRNA tech) on the Globalist noose around our collective neck…

On the Corporate Enslavement of US citizens: @~ 4 minutes 15 seconds for Jordan Maxwell description of the way the law works in the 1871 US of A Corporate Constitution vs the original 1789 US for A Constitution.

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