Since I left Wall St. in the mid-90s, I have lived very simply. It has not been easy, but it has been richly rewarding and today I explore this journey.

Some of my friends have done vey well and they are content and even self righteous in their choices, as this is the American Way, so to speak – “wealth is our birthright.” I have had several friends and family members attempt to turn me into a capitalist consumer, unsuccessfully. When I try to tell them why I make the choices I do, their ears are closed. That, also, is the American Way.

I choose to not engage with any systems that are Globalist-compromised, and the arts is one of the tentacles of the octopus. Being a purist as much as possible has its drawbacks! and its benefits! One of the great benefits is TIME, and with that time I have learned encyclopedias of information.

My lesson from Wall Street – and Goldman, Sachs particularly was not just greed, but absolute lack of compassion for the millions of people being displaced during the glory days of Mergers & Acquisitions and the gluttony of Derivatives. They may call it profit, but the level of destruction is a signficant factor in that profit.

I’ve seen videos of the military – where they force young recruits to kill goats in order to desensitize them to the act of killing. One wonders what forms of desensitization are required for the people who pull the strings in the global economy. (Rhetorical question. We can open the book on secret societies to get that answer, and, I’ve covered some of it in previous blog posts. Go dig! )

I learned about Agenda 21 in college. So, as I started a new life after Wall St, having already witnessed several stages of Agenda 21 being put into action…. I pulled hard to the arts and web programming and eeked out an existence. Instead of working for others, I have preferred to heal, learn and grow …. always searching for information that elucidates the machinations of Society, and how to achieve personal sovereignty from it.

As we arrived limping into the 21st century, the internet bubble burst in January of 2000, then 9/11 which was an inside job and its goal was to implement Homeland Security and engage the highly lucrative wars in Afghanistan (heroin) and Iraq (oil). The subsequent opiod epidemics have been the result of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld’s perpetual war.

We are taught to look for the best in everyone but the truth is, to ignore the depths of evil that exists is to invite our demise.

Our demise is in full force at this point in time. COVID was the fuse and from here on out humanity will experience mass die-off from cancer, clots and neurodegenerative diseases. It won’t be the numbers that the evil ones wished for, as 1/4 of the Western population declined to get any jabs at all, thank God there are at least that many AWAKE people.

Africa and India, having been Bill Gates’ playground for genocidal jabs over the course of several decades, declined in large numbers to participate in the COVID experiment and so those populations remain largely “pureblood.” So, although the evil ones wanted to decimate the entire global population, they failed on that level. (There are many other ways it could be achieved.)

I could say with a level of surety that the difference between the Awakened Ones and the Jabbed is whether or not people watch Network News. The Unjabbed do NOT watch mainstream media, we get our information from the wellspring of alt media sources that have sprung up since 9/11. The jabbed continue to trust sources that have been proven to be weaponized / propagandized / CIA operations.

Does it matter how much money I’ve saved if I’m dead?

Every week now, at least one friend of a friend is laid to rest, sometimes more. The excess deaths of 2021 numbered over 1 million in the US alone; 1/380th of our population died in the past year in this assault. I personally have known many people who have died from the Covid assault; either by suicide or people who were severely health-compromised. These are difficult times indeed.

The tsunami of people coming through the southern border will replace them, and more. This is one step of the Globalist Agenda – destroy white, Western society and replace it with transients, displaced by Globalist terrorization of 3rd world countries (these people are infinitely more controllable). This has been in progress since Day 1 of the Biden fake presidency (Trump is still Commander in Chief, Biden puppeteers can’t get their fingers on the Nuclear codes or we’d already be in Nuclear war.). Countless millions of border crossers, who have legitimate reasons to hate this government, are now embedded in the US – and ain’t it something that they weren’t required to be jabbed!!!

I was raised to hiss at the John Birch Society. Recently I learned that one of the founders is G. Edward Griffin, who wrote the tremendously important book Creature from Jekyll Island (quintessential treatise on US economics under the Corporate US of A Constitution of 1871). It was a shocking realization that the very purpose of the John Birch Society is battling Globalism, and maybe I don’t agree with them on everything, but it’s heartening to know that my work is a part of a much greater work – I am not alone by any stretch of the imagination. In fact – post 9/11 I had very few people I could talk to about anything. I could count them on one hand with a few fingers left over. Now, I am one of LEGIONS of Awakened souls who are pushing against Globalism and I am RIOTIOUSLY GRATEFUL for the company!!!

Liberalism – The Trojan Horse

There are many books and treatise that have helped pave the way for Globalism, not the least Klaus Schwab’s Covid-19: The Great Reset. (I’m sure you can find it in your local library, although I doubt seriously you’ll be able to find Bobby Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci as it’s been heavily censored by the Big Brother). I paid homage to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in a previous post, that’s perhaps the most important manifesto to know about since it lays out how liberalism is the tool for enslavement/genocide. Also check out my post, What is the 4th Reich?.

They’re trying to make us eat crickets, take away our guns, and create trauma at every turn. They’re trying to get us to kill and sacrifice our own children, and parents, and brethren. THAT is liberalism. The freedom to kill others. And the freedom to kill thyself.

Liberalism is the Antithesis of The Divine Creator.

I’m launching my first course on in September – info to come!

My work at this point is about translation of idea and experience. This has become my “why” – not only helping to wake people up from the broken record of FEAR and SCARCITY – but also to help people see BEYOND the façade, to the glorious truth of Infinite Abundance! Quantum energy, quantum health, quantum mind, quantum everything already exists, and some of the knowledge goes back into pre history (or alt history, however you want to look at it!).

How is it possible to be of Conscious mindset and aligned with Conservative, Christian values? (Great Question!)

At a certain point, you realize that labels are a tool of the enslaved mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic or Christian…. if you are following the simple rules of love and respect and DO NO HARM, you are in unity with others on the same path.

Conservative Christians are often following more closely on the path of Christ than anyone else. There are plenty of charlatans! Don’t get me wrong!! But when you find the True Meek, it is a powerful and uplifting experience.

Ultimate Truth: THERE IS NO “OTHER”!

Ultimate Truth: Our most important job is to rise up out of the 7 Deadly Sins

My life journey brought me to high-frequency, mostly 5th Dimensional Conscious Awareness outside the System, and now I’m helping others to shorten and simplify their journey to the same place, because ultimately that’s where we all end up! How long it takes you, is all up to you.

There are no mistakes.
Everything you learn is important.
Every experience is vital, and for an intentional purpose.

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