A long time ago, a dear friend of mine was murdered by her narcissistic husband, who then killed himself leaving two adorable children alone in the world. I never imagined I’d be in a similar situation, but it’s feeling eerily familiar and so I put on my quantum cape and direct my energy into imagining my most divine future.

My relationship with this narcissist has left me emotionally abused, gaslighted, impoverished, and unable to fully activate my quantum self… and yet, this pressure I have been living with has turned me into a solitary, brilliant, unbreakable diamond. I am not suicidal, not in the least…. in fact all my research into Quantum Physics has been yielding some of the most extraordinary experiences, proving to me beyond a shadow of a doubt the power of the heart-mind connection to create reality.

But the wheels are turning, and I am not strong enough in my Quantum self to be able to rush the miracles; and so, where this path leads, I cannot predict. With all your beautiful prayers and energy, the odds are very good that it will lead some place extraordinary, and that karmic justice is already in play.

Perhaps one day I’ll write a book for young people on how to recognize and extract themselves from relationships with this psychosis. And perhaps one day, the world will be free of it all together.