Before the United States was brought to life, all people were either Subjects, Slaves or Aristocracy in almost all societies around the world. Slaves had no rights and were (are) not considered human; Subjects had almost no rights, not to mention zero ability to make a better life; and the Aristocracy had money, and at the highest levels, the freedom to create the world.

With the birth of the United States, emerging from the seeds of the Enlightenment, the  concept of Sovereignty came to life – conceived by the minds of men who were endowed with the most extraordinary level of creative thinking of their time.

With a constitution based on equality as the foundation for society, America became the grand dream of the entire world – where every person is the ruler of his own kingdom (or hers, if she was wealthy enough) and this opened the floodgates for creative energy, ideas, grand success, and even grander failure.

Unfortunately it also opened the floodgates for greed and cruelty on levels never before known to humanity, which took firm root in the same soil. With the current political climate, we are experiencing the fruiting of that poisonous tree, revealing to us some most elemental truths about human nature and the reality of this world.

From my perspective, as someone who is deeply involved with attempting to understand how our reality is constructed from Quantum Physics, I have come to understand that there is one empirical truth that lies in the shadows waiting to be discovered by every human; indeed, it is perhaps the most precious gift of being human, and it is as follows:

There is incredible power in every choice we make, all throughout our lives. Sometimes, the repercussions of those choices are small, and sometimes they are on the grandest scale of the Universe. Until we understand and begin to engage the power we each have in our choices – as individuals, and by extension as a society – we will continue to be subjected to those who DO understand, and have mastered, the power of choice.

There are 9 people in the world who own the same amount of wealth as 7.5 billion people, creating the most extreme form of feudalism that has ever existed. If we choose this reality, we are then bound by it. If we do NOT choose it, as either individuals or society then we are NOT bound by it.

Every choice you make, determines your personal sovereignty. Do you choose to be ruled? Or do you choose freedom? Do you choose Personal Gain? or the Greater Good?

When Josh Fox visited Obama to plead for an end to fracking, Obama said to Josh, “Make Me.” This is the most blatant example of how we need to change our society to engage true and lasting freedom. We, the 7.5 billion, have the true power in this world… and we need to figure out how to MAKE those in power, who no longer represent us, finally end this fetid surge toward global totalitarianism.

Quantum physics allows us a world greater than anything imaginable – free energy, food on demand, pristine water, and equality on a scale never before imagined. Educate yourself! Spread the word! and make every action you perform, and every choice you make filled with the highest vibrations of Love, always for personal soveriegnty and the greater good.

My experiences have transformed me into the most pristine, sparkling diamond of unknowable value.

I Declare Personal Sovereignty to the Power of the Universe.