Last night, Prince visited me in my dream.

It was one of the most vivid, realistic dreams I’ve ever had….  Life-Like. His intention was to reveal my strengths, and show me a few tricks.

Prince Rogers NelsonThe most stunning sensation of the dream was his Divine Love. Although his sexuality was evident, the connection between us was beyond anything physical. We would sit and talk about what’s important, and how to create goals and focus on them. During these talks he was intently focused on me, teaching me that skill by virtue of being in his presence. But when it was time for business, it was just a few short words, usually with a monumentally fear-inducing task, and then he was gone, to await my success or failure.

One time, he had agreed to show up at a local club and play a set in order to help the troubled club and promote local musicians, but something came up and he couldn’t make it.  My task was to go to the club and give his condolences. When I arrived, it was packed to the brim and the business owner was crying he was so happy, and here it was filled with the best musicians in town and people ready for some good music. When I made Prince’s apologies to the audience there was no malice, but instead a kind of gratitude for his help in making this particular energy happen – bringing people together, reminding people of the importance of communication and music and good times.

Over and over again, with each task he gave me, it was about “getting over myself,” making the best possible statement, using my intuitive power to imagine an outcome and then make it happen, and playing the grand game. The lessons were given with the most exquisite love and support imaginable. Never a harsh word when things didn’t quite work out, just “what can be learned” in a quiet, loving voice.

I have always been a great admirer of Prince, he was a genius and his humility (later in life) really captured my heart. I feel exceptionally blessed to have this dream experience.

I woke up a very different person today.

Bless you, Purple One.