Free/ quantum/ zero point/ hydrogen energy devices have existed in some case for decades, in many different forms.

It’s up to You & Me to

Hydrogen-powered jet engine

In the recent mass shooting in Buffalo NY, one of the people killed was a man named Aaron Salter Jr, who had been putting out videos on youtube in which he successfully transformed a gas engine to a hydrogen engine using the process of Stan Meyer (who was also assassinated after he debuted the hydrogen engine aka the Water Car). Stan Meyer was divinely guided through the invention process and bringing the water car to the world via interviews, books and video.

Talk about Safe and Effective! The Water Car is really perfect.

Countless forms of free energy already exist. We could be putting micro water wheels in rivers and streams, and micro wind and ambient turbines in homes, we could be building our roads and sidewalks to harness the power of impact, and we could be harnessing the rotation in the wheels of cars to use as electricity. Gerard Morin (Canada) is a student of Teslas inventions and self-proclaimed Researcher in the Realm of Self-Sustaining Energy.

Truth is, there’s enough energy in a thimbleful of air to power our entire life, and the powers that be will NOT release this technology to us unless we DEMAND IT. We are many, they are few; and unless we act now, the door will close forever.

Free Energy = Liberation

In demanding free energy, we are in fact also requesting the switch back from the US Corporation to the Original Constitutional United States of America. It is the Cabal Corporation that has prevented us from having access to all the advances in the Quantum realm. From MedBeds which re-set you to the most perfect version of yourself according to your DNA, to Replicators from which you can order anything you desire off a ridiculously huge menu – clothes, tschatsckes, food, equipment (it’s like a 3D printer on crack), to flying cars, to free energy – the Quantum future is amazing beyond imagination!!! Most especially when you factor in a return to Common Law.

In fact, the Green New Deal (aka Agenda 21/30, aka The Great Reset, aka Globalism, aka Satanism) is a truly anti-Earth and anti-Human campaign which is designed very specifically to divert our attention from the capabilities of Quantum Physics (which is still in it’s relative infancy). WE MUST DEMAND FREE ENERGY and we must hold those accountable who have kept us in a state of trauma, and poverty, and slavery while they enjoyed all the benefits of a quantum society.

We have had enough!
We are DONE with the manipulations!