Media has become our societal teacher, and it teaches us that it’s perfectly okay to behave badly. Heinously, even.

Over the course of the past century, The Powers That Be (TPTB) have been influencing society through books, films, art, news, magazines etc, to legitimize evil. As I’m coming to realize more and more every day, the Media has been an extremely powerful machine in using the higher threshold of evil to steer society toward Transhumanism – the eradication of the human spirit. The Judicial, Education, Healthcare and Energy Systems are a very willing assistants in that process. It’s a ginormous web of entrapment designed to make us relinquish our spirit.

Documentary: The Age Of Transitions – Eugenics, Transhumanism, Post-Humanism

11/6/22 5-Year Delta : Trump mentions +++ in his Florida speech

If you care to go further down the rabbit hole in regards to the information I post on my blog, I’ve been using my Telegram channel (White Lion Conversation) for archival purposes, and I should warn you that White Lion Conversation will offend anyone who still enjoys being offended! (Learning to NOT be offended is a part of the Consciousness Journey.) I do encourage discussion, but I do not tolerate vitriol. The tagline is: Be Discerning! (Always). I don’t claim to be perfect or expert or guru or anything other than someone who collects meaningful information for the purpose of being able to go back to for reference.

In researching and studying and listening and writing and making videos over these past few years, I’ve digested a LOT of information and it has been vital to the process of shifting to a heart-centered energetic existence (which I find infinitely more enjoyable than either egoic- or intellectual-based existence).

“Most important interview I have EVER given” -Glen Beck. Click Here for full interview
Del Bigtree breaking it down in superhero fashion.

Basically what we are learning to do via lifestyle changes on the Path to Consciousness, is to vibrate at higher frequencies of love, connection, bliss. More time in the sun, more play, more giving, more prayer. More fresh food, more gratitude, more sharing. More connection with Nature, less with Electronics.