Knowledge of the Quantum universe is erupting from all directions.

Humanity is quickly waking up to the understanding that what we perceive as the material world is merely a façade, intentionally limiting our experience. Once this realization has been absorbed, life is never the same…. In the most extraordinary and unimaginable ways!

Unfortunately, even upon absorbing the life-altering realization of the Quantum Universe, we still have to deal with the dense fog of reality in which people are extremely limited in their words and actions.

I have come to believe that oppression in its myriad forms is a construct that actively works to prevent people from transitioning to Quantum Reality.

There are countless forms of indoctrination and propaganda that create the construct of 3D reality including Religion, media, relationships and the education system. Then there are also toxic food and pharmaceuticals, drugs and alcohol, and the unseen factors such as chemtrails and wifi radiation which further depress a person’s ability to rise above the lowest levels of consciousness. The environmental factors – such as poisonous water, abuse and war – are also intentional methods of oppression.

Until a human has some kind of break-away experience that forces them into a new direction, that person is pretty much stuck in what I call 3D reality with it’s laws of separation, inequality and injustice. Time and time again, I have witnessed awakenings after a person has lost a job or a relationship or had some kind of accident…. Some kind of experience that removes them from the comfort and safety of the familiar and forces them to improvise, invent, and engage any number of primal survival mechanisms. During or after these awakenings, the person will come to a state of gratitude for the simplest elements of life – food, water, shelter, love.

Gratitude is the portal to Quantum Reality.

Once a person reaches this most fundamental grace, the Quantum world begins to be illuminated. Their personal frequency has risen to the positive and they’re able to begin recognizing the interconnection of everything in the universe.

The great prize of achieving Quantum Consciousness – of which there are many levels – is the power of Manifestation. After mastering one’s focus, intention and emotion, a person can expect to live in a reality of infinite possibility and abundance.

The grand prize, however, is graduating from human cycle of incarnation into the next level of existence – pure energy.

Whatever your purpose, passion & bliss is…. it’s connected to your quantum self and once you achieve your quantum state, it serves a vital purpose of connecting you to your tribe.

Your emotions create your reality…
Your focus creates your reality….
Your actions create your reality.

Be discerning about how you use these precious tools.