Once you achieve the most basic level of Quantum Being-ness, you accept certain responsibilities.

Over the past weekend, I had a reminder about the responsibility of remaining Open and Non-Judgmental toward others of a different mindset.

At some point, we all rise to the position of supreme empathy, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet; yesterday I got caught up in a swirl of emotional reaction and it didn’t end well at all.  However, I learned exactly what I need to concentrate on, and it also helped to solidify a concept that’s been brewing in my mind for the past year or so.

Being quantum is about being aware of the fact that everything is connected; Everyone is Connected, separateness is a construct.

However, that doesn’t mean that we allow energetic vampires to disrupt or challenge our peace. In the Buddhist tradition, these kinds of people play the role of helping to clear karma, by causing suffering. Energetic vampires are always looking for what they can get from other people… they have a kind of hunger for “getting over” on others, digging deep into the energy center to see what might be of use to them. They lack empathy, and yet expect it from others. They take advantage, sometimes not in material ways but they literally want to suck your vital energy.

You must become solid enough at your core to repel them when they probe, and leave them with a sensation of something greater than they have ever experienced… a heat, or a light, which has the capacity to open the flower of their consciousness.

As Quantum Beings, we ARE the light. Every day we do the work to elevate our personal frequency, toward connection with All That Is, but nobody ever said it would be easy.

* The secret is to get through the Muck of Life with as much joy as possible.

Don’t let the vampires get you down…. instead, be a guide to them, preferably from a distance.