In the past several years, I have become aware of how deeply ingrained Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become in our culture.

Most people equate PTSD with veterans, who are so shell-shocked by the death, depravity and destruction of war they are not able to re-adjust to normal society. But PTSD also comes from a wide range of other experiences – whether it’s a violent family life, accident, rape, homelessness or number of other harrowing experiences. These negative memories are stored as chemicals in our muscles, and also our etheric fields, and can get stuck, preventing us from being able to function properly in society.

Living with PTSD can result in manic depression, suicidal tendencies, self-harming and a huge range of other issues. Most often, people don’t even know that PTSD is at the root of their emotional problems.

A contributing problem is that people normally feel isolated in their emotional pain, perhaps feeling intense shame or remorse, and are unable to communicate about it. This self-isolation is extremely detrimental, because it cuts off the flow of information and makes a person feel absolutely alone in their pain, when in fact that same exact pain is being shared by so many millions of people around the world.

Stepping out of the isolation is perhaps the most important part of the recovery process.  But then, experimentation with any of the magnificent healing modalities that are available for people who suffer from PTSD, is a vital next step. Once a person disengages their PTSD, they will most likely find that their health will improve as well.

I was never diagnosed with PTSD, but once I started studying it – I recognized it at a cellular level. That’s when I truly began studying alternative healing modalities – energetic systems such as Reiki, Meditation and Essential Oils. However, when I delved into the world of Sound Healing, that’s when my own healing from PTSD took a dramatic turn.

The most profound form of sound healing (that worked for me) is called Biofield Tuning. Clearing out the aura, or etheric field, was an absolute game-changer, especially in conjunction with Meditation/Mindfulness. It took a period of time, but over the course of 18 months I went from closed to open; hurting to healthy; introvert to community-oriented. It is a dramatic change, and because of the exceptional work of Eileen McKusick, who discovered this modality, I could literally feel the change taking place.

The beauty is that Eileen is able to work with and infinite number of people on each session, connected via phone or even after the live event, via recording. She has the ability to change the face of PTSD culture with her work, and she’s presenting just one modality for healing this pervasive, insidious condition. Thomas Hubl is another person who is addressing the healing of PTSD culture with his work. Once you begin researching, you will find your own cadre of exceptional practitioners that appeal to your experience.

The key is to just start researching, trying different modalities, asking questions, and meeting people who might have answers.

We are not meant to live in pain; we are meant to live our passion and purpose, in the bliss of who we are. Although we may identify with the pain while we’re in it, life is infinitely better when we escape from that mindset and engage with our Quantum Creative Energy; shifting society from a PTSD culture, to a Quantum Culture.


Resource: When Trauma Won’t Quit: Understanding Complex Post Traumatic Stress