Without the understanding of this vital and fundamental law of existence, we are – as individuals and as a society – running in circles, not moving forward at all.

The term Karma comes to us from Buddhism, which is not a religion but a way of knowing and improving one’s self through spirituality. Buddhism is very much an extension of the Hindu Vedas, which are themselves an extension of the most ancient Laws of Ra which date to over 7,000 years ago.

What I have learned from reading as many different ancient texts as I can get my hands on is this: Humanity is part Divine, just as the people of Atlantis were part Divine as descendants of Poseidon. Our Divine nature is everything that is good and pure, and our non-divine nature is everything that is evil and polluted. We have a choice with every word we speak, every action we take, every thought we manifest in our minds, to either be more Divine, or not.

When we choose to NOT take more Divine action, we are punished through Karma. When we choose to be more Divine, we are rewarded through Karma. This can happen immediately, at a future point, or even in a different lifetime. Essentially, Karma is our great teacher, helping us to understand the importance of the choices we make. Once we awaken to the reality of Karma, we have begun to understand that the only path forward is to be as Divine as we possibly can.

I have written before about the Light Body, but I’ll recap here very quickly. Through the course of many lifetimes, we create and disperse Karma. Perhaps we are a mass murderer in one lifetime, and a neurosurgeon in another. In one, we take life, in another we preserve it. The fundamental goal is to disperse all negative Karma and spend all of our time and energy trying to know God, or the Creator, or The Divine, or whatever you choose to call it. Only when we have truly connected with that infinite source are we able to achieve the Light Body and exit the cycle of human incarnation. There are countless documented cases of Tibetan Buddhist Monks achieving the Light Body, in which – at the time of death – the body disintegrates into pure light, leaving not a trace of existence.

While we remain in the cycle of reincarnation, we are forced to deal with our own negative karma, and the negative karma of others, and it’s very possible to go from positive karma to negative karma. It’s a tricky game, especially when dealing with others who have no clue at all about karma, and who live very negative lives. This is one reason why it’s so important to find people who help you to live more positive, productive and Divine lives.

There are several factors to consider about one’s own life, and the karma of being born a certain way. Most people are born into difficult circumstances, one way or another…. whether it’s being born Black in America, or disabled, or to drug addicted parents, or into a war zone, or famine, etc etc etc. You might consider that these situations are to help “burn off” bad karma, and put the person into the positive karma either during this lifetime, or in the next. So, Karma is not just attached to thoughts or actions, but on a much greater scale, it is attached to the vibration of the person at a given point in time.

Since we mostly do not have the ability to know previous lifetimes with our current level of perception, we have to make guesses, or find someone who can help us learn, or we need to develop our own extra sensory perceptions to know for ourselves what we have been, before. As we do develop that ESP, who we have been can become crystal clear… and this helps us to understand exactly why we are who we are today. This gives a tremendous sense of peace, although it can also be unsettling. One should reach a certain level of self-awareness before digging into this particular subject matter, in order to be prepared for what might be exceptionally disturbing information.

Just as DNA tests are enlightening people to the fact that they are not just white, or not just Asian, or not just Arab…. finding out who we have been in previous incarnations can be deeply disturbing. Or, exciting, depending on your point of view.

Be impeccable in your words, your thoughts, your actions, your deeds, and you will move toward the Divine, elevating your karma, increasing the frequency of your soul. Give of yourself, selflessly. Learn to replace expectation with gratitude. Do not engage with the negativity of others. Do whatever you can to be a better person, but also be concerned with the welfare of others.

Grateful, Selfless, Loving, Blissful, Divine.