This is a gloves-off situation.

At least ONE-HALF of our impressionable elementary children now identify as “non-binary” and this should infuriate EVERY parent.

What we’re experiencing is an institutionalized assault, of which the overall agenda is promoting pedophilia, trauma and eugenics!!! *Why worry about overpopulation at this point when at least half our kids will never have kids????

Truth is, CHILDREN are DEPENDENT on adults to make the best choices for them. In the context of the Biden administration, there has been a dramatic increase in teachers, doctors and the media who have been actively grooming our beloveds through coercion, shame, conformity and all other manners of irresponsibility!!

The rights of parents are being neutralized!!!

Fact: Yale University is now grooming children as young as 3 years old.

The androgynous aspect of Lucifer called BAPHOMET accepts transitioned children as a Sacrifice. Likewise, every abortion is a Sacrifice to the Luciferian aspect called BAAL. I know this sounds crazy to people who have no context for it, but child sacrifice is nothing new – it’s simply coming into the light right now, whether or not we’re ready to deal with it. It took a long time for the collective mind to uncover enough layers of the Globalist veneer to be able to correctly reverse-engineer what has been going on in our world. The mass acceptance of this knowledge is close to mainstream.

Deception upon Deception upon Deception.
And, the Old Testament is incomplete; it’s a poor Guide!

I recommend listening to Rosa Koire regarding the blueprint of Agenda 21/30.
It’s also important to be aware of The Great Reset.

If I were a guy, I would be VERY PISSED at Victoria’s Secret, who tricked us all for so many years…. But there are so very many things to be pissed about. How about the fact that Hugh Hefner was a CIA agent and the purpose of his life was to sexualize the West, bringing us out of our hearts and our minds into the depravity of our lowest root chakra. It could be said that PornHub culture – with its rape porn gluttony – is the culmination of Hefner’s work, along with the sexualization of young children, which leads directly to the legalization of pedophilia and ultimately the removal of all human rights in a TRANS / gender /human /species /etc future.

What more is there to say? the image says it all.

My heart breaks for these highly impressionable children who are coerced into making life-altering changes before they even know what sex or gender is. The stories of kids who regret their transitions – and the dramatic effects the experience has had on their lives – are absolutely heartbreaking.

I have only love and empathy for people who are engaged on the transgender front of the war. It’s an extremely difficult experience for individuals, families and communities. I’m happy for those who have achieved JOY because of the choices they’ve made on this journey.

Friar Calvin Robinson: The term “Minor Attracted Persons” (aka MAP) normalizes Pedophilia and is The Greatest Evil There Is

  1. They change the language
  2. They identify as an oppressed minority group
  3. They seek protection through the hierarchy of victimhood

Pedophiles are sanitizing language to normalize their evil.

If pedophiles become a protected class, then that’ll mean you’ll be considered a bigot for not wanting them around you and your family. This is the intention of Title IX.

All of these people should be removed from society! Locked in a deep dark cave and throw away the key!

Title IX: Requiring the normalization and unquestioned acceptance of gender identity in our schools without parental consent. Sept 12. deadline for action.

If there is nothing else that makes you realize that something is seriously wrong with our country – the mass psychological terror and physical mutilation of our children should do the trick. Local coalition homeschool popus are everywhere, get your kids out of public school!

And to the people who are pushing this madness: You will pay the price!

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