Dr. David Hawkins gives us some excellent clues

When you are plugged in to the Matrix via conventional jobs, conventional food, conventional entertainment, there is a reality that includes a lot of trauma. More people than we can imagine act one way in public, and another behind closed doors, and this can be very very traumatic for the children who suffer the invisible abuse. Somehow, kids are supposed to swallow their pain and shine through it.

Once I began changing focus out of my pain, to realize that others were also experiencing abuse, I found that the commonality was that we all felt so alone and isolated in it. This taught me the simple truth: we must be able to speak out and release the trauma – because the repercussions of not doing so are very serious to yourself and others. Aligning with those who can empathize is a vital part of healing. Acknowledging and resolving trauma is not easy; but it’s the most vital action a person can take in this life.

When you are acting out of trauma, you’re at the bottom of Dr. David Hawkin’s Consciousness Frequency Pyramid. Shame, guilt, apathy, FEAR…. these are the lowest frequencies; and can you tell me – are they not EXACTLY what we have been assaulted with these past 2 years?!

We live in a trauma-based reality

Before I began my healing journey I embodied all the low-frequency traits – jealousy, greed, shame, ego, disconnection etc. After I achieved the first few levels of healing, which included connecting with the Divine, I learned how to smile and love myself. I crossed paths with many people over the years who guided me, helping me to make better choices and feel supported. There are truly angels in this world! And I am the beneficiary of their grace.

The goal becomes to find our way into situations where we might meet these angels who can help us in any number of ways… and then, to be ready to receive blessings! These angels are there for each of us once we learn how to engage with that higher frequency energy.

Our job in this life is to resolve our trauma

As I began to act more from the foundation of this grace, my life has changed in a million magnificent ways. My conscience is lighter, my psychic abilities are more clear, and I am more certain of myself. I achieved progress through meditation, extended time in the forest, following my passion, eating more raw food, engaging community and accepting my role as teacher and mentor.

For every person, the process will be different. You can’t piggyback on someone else’s journey; you must face your own fears and figure out your own way. That is the challenge! But, knowing the process is like being given the answer to all the problems you face.

There’s a tipping point, at which it becomes much easier to find your community and act more and more from Grace. Dr. David Hawkins, from whom I first heard the term Homo Spiritus, created the Consciousness Pyramid pictured above, which describes the frequencies of different states of consciousness. The highest (1000) is Ecstasy, or Divine Connection. You might call it Ascension, where we are no longer in need of our bodies.

The takeaway of this video: our goal is to get to a point in which the Inner Divine Consciousness expresses itself as the joy of one’s own existence.

I give thanks to the Divine Creator
for allowing me to learn and grow
so much in this lifetime.