Unbeknownst to most, we are living in the midst of a fairy tale of EPIC proportions.

In this fairy tale there are dragons and witches, aliens and slaves, heroes and anti-heroes. Perhaps the most important “character” however is regular folk like you and me who are just trying to make sure we have everything we need to live a decent life.

The Protagonists

The 5-toed Dragon signifies Imperial China

Humans are created to be Divinely Connected, and we are incredibly powerful beings when we become aware of that powerful connection. To realize the wonder of it, I highly recommend you read Autobiography of a Yogi.

Given this fact, if we were not living in an induced trauma society humanity and Gaia would be light years ahead of where we currently are.

The Antagonists

There are beings who exist outside the realm of our 5 senses (outside of the 3rd Dimension) who have an interest in removing our Divine Connection for their own nefarious purposes. They’ve been slowly accomplishing this task over the course of at least 150 years, prolly much longer. They gained control of our governments through blackmail, theft, assassination and mafioso techniques. They have manipulated society to accomplish their goals using the realms of energy, food, education, chemicals and healthcare (the US has dropped to the bottom of all these lists in the past few decades). And now they are using coercion to threaten all of humanity into accepting infinite totalitarianism in the guise of an international healthcare crisis.

Public Warnings of the Crisis

Public warnings from THREE Presidents – FDR, Eisenhower & Kennedy – stand as proof of fact in regard to the coup d’etat from within, and speak directly to the conflict that we face.

Fortunately there were top military brass – and civilians – who took the Three Presidents at their word and implemented a counter-coup, which should be extremely beneficial for humanity upon completion, which is at hand.


Earth is like a final battleground of a war, not unlike that described in Asimov’s Foundation series (excellent reading!). Humanity, existing within the frequency range of the Third Dimension is mostly unaware, being that battles are being fought in multiple dimensions, or inside the Earth.

Fundamental Truth:
We are at the threshhold of the Quantum Era

The Moral of the Story

Just as there are forces of Evil seeking to destroy humanity, there are also forces of Light who are seeking to help us ascend into our complete Divine Connection. The serendipity of the timing of our entrance into the Age of Aquarius, the unveiling of Quantum achievements in physics & spirituality, and the daily battles we face between the extremes of Good vs. evil – this timing is quite magical.

Assuming the Forces of Light win, we are entering a time in which Divine Connection is necessary in order to function. As opposed to its polar opposite the Ascension path will enable Fifth Dimensional capabilities while at the same time introducing quantum energy, healthcare and food. Our lives will be very different; live will be much simpler.

The Fairytale Ending

What makes this a fairy tale, is that there’s an Angel of Light who is highly influential in this transition. He’s known as the Golden Dragon, or the Grandfather of the Chinese Elders. I first heard about him about 5 or 6 years ago. This Chinese Elder family has been amassing gold in caves in the Philippines for many generations, with the purpose of funding a global reset as we transition into the Quantum Age – in which, quite soon, money will be irrelevant due to quantum innovation.

As I write this blog, our world is shifting into completely new gear. Conscious Humanity has risen in opposition to totalitarianism and has demanded its sovereignty. This action of recognizing sovereignty was necessary before the switch to the Quantum system, for there is a whole new set of rules, including:

  • – Do No Harm
  • – Respect & Honor as primary mode of interaction
  • – Contributionism
  • – No Violence / No War
  • – Spiritual Reverence
  • – Relate through Divine Connection
    – Self-Governance
  • – etc. etc. etc.

The challenge now is to stay focused in prayer, meditation and Right Action to fulfill this most ancient prophecy of Heaven on Earth.

There will be plenty of time to learn how to navigate these new waters!

In’lakesh is similar to Namaste, meaning: I recognize the Divine within You.