I’m in a creative vortex the likes of which I haven’t experienced in many years and it’s PURE BLISS!

In the midst of Bliss, I’m receiving crystal clear messages to help direct my energy. Yesterday, I heard a Rudolph Steiner lecture (1919) on the most important center of intelligence which is no longer the brain – but the Heart. I had been contemplating the relationships that have fallen away, since I’m living more fully in 5D; this experience is unknowable to those who continue to operate from the logical mind (highly fallible, highly manipulatable). I’m finding my own Heart Intelligence more and more reliable all the time. It’s a wholly different process. Mind = Ego; Heart = Intuition. This lecture helped me to close the lid on some of those relationships, not in anger but in absolute self confidence.

In this next lecture, Dan Winter presented what could be described as a mini encyclopedia of the Ascension process; It’s almost as if he’s “charge-imploded” all of his experience into this one magnificent, bombastic talk… a valuable distillation of his many significant and relevant discoveries.

Dr. Dan Winter (DEW) has been one of my primary influences for many years. He identifies with Thoth.

My last band was called The Bliss Ensemble thanks to Dan, and I attest that those magnificent musicians and that beautiful music helped me out of a very dark period of my life. Bliss is POWERFUL! And the point is to be able to activate it as you would a light switch, to engage Divine Connection, or your Light Body, or Kundalini, or whatever your desired term is. The activation of this single ability puts us over the threshhold of the Aquarian Age.

Gregg Braden: Studying ancient texts reveals that our DNA holds a message that can be interpreted by crossing the boundaries of science & spirituality. Using the Periodic Table, the first line of every strand says “God Eternal Within the Body.” We all need to engage this kind of experimentation!

Many of us on this journey are looking for clues and trail markers; I’m finding so many now, and I’m able to recognize and synthesize the signs much faster than before. These communications come in many forms and it’s perhaps most obviously the kind of synchronicities as with the Steiner lecture, but there is so much more available when you allow yourself to engage in pure meditation, oneness, stillness; this is where the true communications happen that allow for bombastic growth and ascension.

Dr. Russell Blaylock’s list of vital documentaries.

Dr. Steven Greer’s movie Sirius.