There was a strong current going through my feed yesterday: PROTECT YOUR DNA.

One thing is for sure: The Ascension Process is NOT EASY!

They want us dead or enslaved, and it’s up to each one of us to figure out how to 1) evade the murderous assaults and then, 2) be as pure as possible in our living so that we are able to elevate our frequency – and the frequency of the planet – in preparation for Ascension.

I’ll be addressing all aspects of Ascension in my forthcoming book: What is Consciousness? And Why Does it Matter? .

In the past I would be uncomfortable not knowing the PROCESS of Ascension. At this time, using my heart as the headlight instead of my brain, I am guided to whatever information is necessary for the next step. I’m given more to trusting the process instead of needing to know, and it’s a vastly more simple and joyful way to live!

As Ice can be Melted, Matter can be transformed into Spirit

– Rudolph Steiner

These past few weeks have been a series of unplanned evolutions; a kind of letting go of things that desire to keep me engaged in Third Dimensional structure. These low-vibrational entities are crafty, and they’re highly virulent – especially those in the jaberoo. I’ve started a parasite cleanse, including IVMectin, juicing, lemon, MMS and intermittent fasting (IM). IM is perfect for me! Eat less food, become more healthy, spend less money – what’s not to love!

If you’re Pureblood (unjabbed) you still have to cleanse because everyone around you is leaving it, like a vapor, in every public place. You breathe it in, and you touch it and you consume it. It’s in food, it’s in chemtrails, it’s everywhere ….

Vigilance is required, to care for your physical & spiritual health.

The Alchemist is a teacher of the highest order on all things Transmutation. Disciple of Thoth. In this particular video, she explains the connection between Water & Light like I’ve never heard it described before – in connection to the Ascension process. Really fabulous work. It was the information I needed exactly in this moment. In fact, everything I need is coming as I request it!! How brilliant is this evolution!!!!!

It’s important to contemplate what it means to


I think this is one of the great problems plaguing Western society: We have become creatures of comfort & convenience, and we don’t want to do the work necessary to evolve. This is no accident! In fact it is absolutely intentional. Unless & Until people are willing to shift energy, they will not evolve. Evolution only happens by discarding what no longer serves.

The people who are so stuck in their 3D cocoon that they cannot see the cliff ahead – sometimes they make me really angry, even when I know that in some ways, it’s not their fault. It finally occurred to me – I can’t help them! No matter how much I love them! And it’s not helpful for me to even try. My strength lies in helping people who are seeking assistance in their evolution toward ascension, not people who demand to stay in the death spiral. So, I’m grateful for my recent experiences, for illustrating this distinction. It helps me move forward with clarity.

There are no mistakes!!! Every experience is a step toward either the best possible future, or hell. Your choice.

I just went down to take pictures of the beautiful light on the lake, and had an amazing experience! The lake is very calm today and although there are tiny little lapping waves, I was able to go out further than ever – I was on a concrete slab and the water was very safely removed from where I was standing. Then, I started singing – “Water – I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” (the Ho’oponopono Prayer) for a few minutes, and then I started singing my mantra – Love is Always the Answer. Well, when I started singing the mantra – the waves kicked up and started pounding like a drum, to the rhythm of my song!!! And when I stopped singing, the waves stopped immediately. It was interaction!!! And it was ecstatic!!!!

Yes, water is conscious!
Yes, it communicates!
Yes, it’s a portal between dimensions!!!

Water carries communication from the celestial realm, to the the terrain realm – it is a messenger from the Divine to our Mind.

Oh, this time is perfection. Absolute perfection. I am so grateful and humbled to be here!!!

I’m listening to my music at this moment, and it’s so damn good! It makes me so happy! Go check out Le Collage C’est Fou!! if you like funk, jazz, African, Caribbean. When you buy, the files belong to you! There’s no crappy Renting of MY work!!!