I pass 4 spring-fed streams on my walk. Some of them are the same, just meandering through the forest… and some of them are distinct.

Ever since I realized that sunlight and water have consciousness, my reality has changed dramatically.

It’s like having a friend you can count on. You ask a question, you get a meaningful answer. And when you pay attention to all the varied ways of interacting with light and water, your perspective is drastically extended.

This evening I had a particularly profound experience on my walk, which I now take so that I can enjoy the sunset. It’s an hour walk and I start up on a hill where the sun is still bright, then descend into a valley, and there are a few dips and turns along the way. At one point I was deep in the forest and the contrast was extreme – it was dark, almost chilly. As I walked up and around a curve, the setting sun created a vortex of pure light ahead of me, like a doorway, with the canopy of the trees as the contrast. There was only pure light and pure dark, and it was sensational. As I climbed the hill and the sun’s rays began to hit me, I felt that I was in a moment of ascension – it was a giddy feeling, absolutely blissful! I felt the sun embracing me, playing with me and I was so purely grateful to be given that experience!

On the way back, I passed a house where 2 gentlemen usually sit on their porch, getting some fresh air and normally we say hello, but not much more. Tonight, however, one of the men who is obviously very ill, called out to me, “God Bless You!” and it really took me by surprise, but I turned and smiled at him and replied, “God Bless You Too!” and I literally felt that I was God’s messenger in that moment.

In this tiny corner of the world, God is embodied in the magical springs, intensified by the radiant sun, waiting patiently for us to elevate to higher frequencies, waiting for us to recognize and engage His/Her Modes of Communication.

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