Joe Biden used to campaign on the promise of locking up all the crack addicts in the country. But apparently it’s perfectly okay that his son documented his crack-addict rampages for the whole world to see. Well, crack isn’t Hunter’s only weakness. He has many vulnerabilities, some of which are very possibly a threat to this country. How this moves forward is very important to watch. If Hunter is not indicted for the least of his crimes, then this judicial action could well be the final straw for the Alliance to make its fabled move.

The elites get away with SO MUCH CRAP and the worst of it has barely begun to hit the mainstream.

As more people wake up to the Deep State agenda to kill us or enslave us, many people are watching all the different legislations and bank/market moves like hawks. Jim Roguski is a citizen journalist who accomplishes fantastic activistic momentum by focusing on one simple aspect and galvanizing energy around it. The decentralized world of journalism, research and information gathering, which grew out from under the pressure of extreme Covid Censorship, is doing a fantastic job at piecing together how the trap has been laid for us and developing ways to avoid it.

A very strong download I had a few years ago while walking in the woods in White Sulpher Springs was “Game the System” and the full thought was that you have to first admit that the system is gamed against you, and then figure out a way to game the gamed system. Reverse-game? Game-back?

People like Dr. Zelenko (RIP) gamed the gamed-Covid-system by developing successful protocols in which none or close to no people died or even went to the hospital, and he was demonized and censored by the press and the unelected health corporations. Meanwhile, hospitals and other health care facilities were earning ridiculous “rewards” for Covid treatments like ventilators, and in all cases where Covid was listed as the cause of death. All while the Nobel-prize winning anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin worked in most cases.

In fact we’ve learned a LOT about Ivermectin – it’s many uses, what it reveals about dis-ease, and the politics surrounding it – during these past 2 years. It’s a very intriguing & empowering rabbit hole until itself.

Maybe it’s time for a greater form of justice to reign on this planet.

The 10 Commandments are a pretty good start for a society. If Thou Shalt Not Kill were Rule #1 then War & Famine would cease immediately. But what about making it simple; distilling the essence of a new society into one simple phrase. Would you be up for that? I know I would.

DO NO HARM (to self or others)

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