Yesterday I listened to a few different interviews and podcasts and found a kind of silver thread through it that made me very happy. It’s one perspective from my side of the fence. I recommend listen to the Derek Johnson interview and then DaveX22 Report below.

Derek Johnson came on to the scene recently, making his rounds in what I call the Alphabet Circle – Jaco, Veniamin, McKay, Nino, Ward etc – as a retired soldier who shares an interesting perspective on what’s happening in this country, through the lens of military rules and regulations . (I call it the Alphabet Circle because I believe they’re all CIA, NSA, FBI or whatever and so I take everything I learn in that circle with a grain of salt!) This particular interview seems to be a little more concise than others.

This is what’s called satire.

Hundreds of FBI agents have resigned to escape sexual misconduct allegations.

Hunter Biden will be charged with felonies. We’ll see exactly how deeply fraudulent the Delaware judicial system is! That might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

On Global Excess Mortality (Children’s Health Defense)

Bobby Kennedy’s latest: A Letter to Liberals (free e-book)

Louisiana Pulls $794 Million From BlackRock

Kanye West “White Lives Matter” on Tucker Carlson

DaveX22 Report last night: Trump made this country energy independent, and now Biden is easing sanctions on the dictatorship Venezuela (Maduro) rather than drilling here. Green New Deal is destroying the economy AND the environment.

Patriots knew they would have the orderly collapse and there will be a point when everything has spiraled out of control, when they step in and say WE CAN TURN IT AROUND and IF WE DO – IT WILL BE AMAZING.

Trump has promised us, in public, that we will NOT end up in the Chinese Social Credit Score System.

Imagine a world without central banks!!!!!