When I first moved to the Catskill Mountains in 2008, I was initiated into the dark world of fracking by a local organization who has remained on the front lines of that fight, and I got involved – attempting to learn as much as I could, and then educate people. I quickly burned out at the incredible pushback by local farmers whose incomes had been destroyed by the regulating-to-death of the family dairy, and who saw leasing their land for fracking as the only choice to keep their farms. It remains a heartbreaking reality.

I turned my attention to water itself, and began spending a lot of time by the streams and springs on our property. Not only did I find it to be the most peaceful and de-stressing activity, but I over time I began to understand that water has many different states than just liquid-gas-ice. I would listen to the bubbling of the waterfall, and learned how the action of water falling over rocks is a method of purification. I soon realized how little I knew about water, and so I began to research. That research culminated in the premiere of my one-woman multimedia show, The Language of Water in October 2018, and much of the information I present here is from that show.

Water defies our scientific logic on so many levels, that defiance is exactly responsible for the evolution of life on Earth. For instance, it is the only substance on earth which expands when frozen, and contracts when heated, meaning that it floats. This allows for the water of lakebeds, streams and oceans to flow even in the coldest environments. If ice did not float, then all life in the non-equitorial regions would die every winter.

Water is the most powerful solvent, it has the highest surface tension of any substance, and it is the only liquid capable of creating crystals.

One of the greatest water scientists was an Austrian forester at the turn of the 20th Century, by the name of Viktor Schauberger, whose work taught us a simple truth: if we design society with the flow of water, we thrive… but if we attempt to go against the flow of water, we perish. He invented several machines that used the implosion aspect of water to create free, endless energy (his work was coopted by the Third Reich, stolen by the Russians, and confiscated by the CIA).

French scientists Jacques Benveniste and Nobel laureate Luc Montaigner proved that water has infinite memory and that sound can be used to program water – literally realigning molecules – to create water-based, homeopathic-like remedies.

That sound can be used to structure water is an application of Quantum Physics, and is the foundation for the future of wellness.

Masaru Emoto also researched the incredible ability of sound, prayer, words and music to affect water, and was able to heal one of Japan’s largest lakes with nothing more than the power of prayer.

Dr. Jerald Pollack’s research on the “fourth” phase of water informs us of a newly-discovered state in which water is more viscous, dense, and alkaline than regular water; has a negative charge, can hold energy like a battery, and deliver energy as well. This fourth phase of water is also called living water, structured water, hexagonal water, revitalized water, H302, crystalline water and has tremendous applications for health and well being, including detoxification, heightened immune function, nutrient absorption, mental clarity, improved athletic performance, longevity and much more. Many countries around the world already have a huge market for structured water.

All water around the world is connected. I have come to understand that not only is water conscious, but is – quite literally – consciousness itself. All of Earth is ~ 70% water. When we infuse water with love, gratitude and forgiveness, it amplifies and relays to all water around the world, and the more people who do this – the higher vibration the Earth becomes.

The Hawa’ain Ho’oponopono prayer is a the most powerful prayer for water:

Please forgive me
I’m so sorry
I love you
Thank you

It’s important to know that water stored in plastic containers is dead, but it can be revitalized.

It’s time that we began to recognize water for what it is – Pure Consciousness. We are only beginning to learn its language … and use it for the greatest benefit of Earth. I welcome you to explore for yourself, the Language of Water!